The Golden
Hour Set
Sunrise set

To his friends and family, he goes by Grant Kwiecinski, the 28-year-old kid from north Detroit who grew up on a healthy diet of American funk, golden-age hip-hop, and dance music; the curious producer who first began making future-forward music during his formative years at Michigan State University, only to permanently abandon the classroom for the dance floor; and the fun-loving dude who’s the life of the party at every damn party. To the rest of the world, his name is GRiZ, the multifaceted artist who’s funkin’ up dance floors worldwide with his self-described future funk sound, which mixes electronic music with his fiery live saxophone, energetic funk, and sweeping electro-soul.

As 2018 comes to a close, GRiZ is gearing up for his newest musical projects: On November 1, GRiZ will release the double-single “It Gets Better,” featuring multi-platinum, GRAMMY-nominated rapper and singer DRAM, and “Can’t Get Enough,” which features Kwiecinski’s own vocals for the first time ever. GRiZ has remained one of the leading independent artists in electronic music throughout the years, from his 2011 debut album to his breakout album Good Will Prevail (September 2016), which debuted at #1 on the iTunes Electronic chart and charted on the Billboard 200 charts—an impressive feat for a free release.

A champion of the live electronic landscape, GRiZ’s live show is a spectacle unto itself. His live performances—which mix improvised saxophone, guitar, vocals and more overt booming basslines and head-knocking drops—have become massive draws around the world. In addition to mainstage performances at major festivals such as Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Outside Lands, and headlining sets at Electric Forest and Lightning in a Bottle, GRiZ has headlined and sold out the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver for four consecutive years and counting. He also debuted the 15-piece GRiZ Live Band at the iconic venue in 2017. Elsewhere, his annual run of GRiZMAS shows at Detroit Masonic Temple have sold out every year since launching in 2014. He has also donated $200,000 to various charities via his coinciding 12 Days of GRiZMAS series that helps fund music education programs within public schools across the greater Detroit area.

Sax man. Producer. DJ. Musician. Label owner. GRiZ is all of the above—and then some. But beyond everything, GRiZ is the shining force of positivity who’s here to teach the world how to do one thing: Show Love, Spread Love. It’s the driving mantra that’s come to define the core of everything GRiZ. “I’m just here to spread good vibes, my friends,” the jovial producer says. “It all comes down to spreading the good word and sharing the love.



Trevor Hall

Raised on an island in South Carolina, singer/songwriter Trevor Hall realized at a young age that music was more than just a passion - it was, rather, his life’s art. Hall’s music, a blend of roots and folk music, is imbued with a deep love of Eastern Mysticism. This powerful symbiosis fostered a deep connectivity with his growing fan base and Trevor quickly matured into a leader of the burgeoning conscious musical community. Along with numerous pilgrimages to India, he has also completed a series of sold-out tours and collaborations with artists such as Steel Pulse, Ziggy Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Matisyahu, Michael Franti, Xavier Rudd and Nahko & Medicine for the People.

The Floozies

Born in funk and bred in the digital age, live electronic duo The Floozies have burst onto the scene at a time when the industry needed them the most. Brothers Matt and Mark Hill share the stage just as easily as they share a musical brain. Without a setlist, and without a word between them, Matt’s guitar is in lockstep with the thud of Mark’s kick. Endless looping and production builds the raw scenery upon which palm muted chugs, searing solos, and wobbling bass paint their dazzling array of colors. A bold live show full of sonic exploration and unbreakably deep pocket grooves has landed the brothers on stage with luminaries of the jam world Umphrey’s McGee as readily as electronic elites STS9 and Big Gigantic. The Floozies are bringing the funk back, and they’re right on time.

Too Many Zooz

Members of this group consist of Matt Doe, Leo P, and King of Sludge. Their hometown is NYC, and the trio thrives off "basshouse". They gained fame when a video of one of their subway performances, recorded by a passer-by at the Union Square station, went viral on YouTube in March 2014. They are known as well for Pellegrino's characteristic dance moves while playing.

La Chiva Gantiva

"The band itself was born in the cultural and diverse city of Brussels (Belgium), when three Colombian immigrants gathered around a percussion kit, driven by a desire to produce original music and to assert their cultural roots. This encounter resulted in a blend of Afro-Colombian and traditional rhythms that quickly summoned and assimilated contributions by musicians from all over the world; the present members of La Chiva are of Colombian, Vietnamese, Belgian and Chilean origins. Such eclectic musical and cultural influences not only resulted in a powerful mix of sounds, but in their explosive and exciting performances. In fact, it was their live shows which conquered their public and caught the attention of the media: ""They are a frenetic carnival-punk racket that detonates like a Molotov cocktail of rock, rap, soul and ferociously funky Latin rhythms"" The Times (UK)."

Grouch in Dub (live band)




Santos & Zurdo

Santos & Zurdo is an electronic fusion project based in Costa Rica. Santos Gassiebayle(Argentina), Fernán Castro (Zurdo), and Luigi Jimenez (CR) make up this trio combining the Indian sounds of the Sitar with funk mixed in with different electronic beat with the influence of house, drum&bass, hip-hop, glitch-hop, and other electronic genres.


The new wave of hip-hop has arisen a woke generation and, from it, Xiuhtezcatl (‘shoo-TEHZ- caht’)— 18-year-old Indigenous rapper and activist—has emerged stirring the comatose with his music.

At the age of 7, Xiuhtezcatl began songwriting and performing as a means to reflect his world and activate his generation. His rousing story and performances captivated a global audience, garnered millions of views on YouTube, and were featured on major publications, including: Rolling Stone, Billboard, Vice, and NBC. Recently, Xiuhtezcatl appeared before the UN General Assembly, collaborated on stage and in the studio with Jaden Smith and Bassnectar, and appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Additionally, he wrote the best-selling book, We Rise, and is featured in Shepard Fairey’s new iconic series, “We the Future”.

Gone Gone Beyond

Songwriters Danny Musengo and Paul Weinfield (Fairytales for the Fatherless) team up with David Block from "The Human Experience" alongside many others .... so far including violinist Cody Geil, drummer Walker Adams, keyboard Asamu, bassist Matt Geraghty, flute Ze Luis, +++ many others. Originating from New York.

Feurza Dread

The group was born on April 24, 2007, under an ideology of making original music in the roots reggae genre of Latin roots.



Killer Diller



In a feedback loop of adventure, music, and love, CloZee and her fans are ready to let the force of the sound carry everyone to places they have never been before. Being based simultaneously in Toulouse, France and on stages across the world makes this electronic musician stand out. With inspirations far afield from music - a painting, the weather, a dream - in her craft, Chloé Herry’s derivations are difficult to trace. Under the broad structure of electronic and bass music, and informed by sound the world over, Clozee finds her best fit in World Bass’ corner. CloZee has performed on many continents: from Coachella to India, on four US Tours, and everywhere around her native France. She is a standout on the roster of her labels, Gravitas Recordings & Otodayo Records. Followers in many languages drive streams counted in millions. But art’s ability to transport others is this talented producer’s special magic - manifest whenever someone presses play.

Nicola Cruz

An interest in ancestral Latin American cosmology has always run right through the music of Ecuadorian music producer Nicola Cruz. His creative process involves an attentive, careful search for the living roots and rituals that are part of South American identity—its Andean and African origins in particular—valuing its rhythms, its oral traditions, its instruments and the energy they transmit. His first record, Prender el Alma (2015) explored the development of the consciousness and spirituality, and how they connect with music. In Siku, his most recent production, Cruz continues this exploration, expanding his vision towards new stories and other cultures as sources of inspiration. A crucial aspect on this journey is his collaboration with other artists from around the world. During his tours of different countries, Cruz took interest in trying out new instruments and harmonies. This led to the possibility of collaborating with other artists in a creative exchange in which music was the common language.

Random Rab

Emerging from his own distinct corner of the West Coast electronic music scene, Random Rab offers a powerful and unique contribution to sonic exploration. Often referred to as “The Master of Emotion” his music is patently beautiful and melodic. With diverse influences ranging from trip-hop, classical and Arabic to bass driven compositions, his songs are considered anthemic and timeless. As a multi-instrumentalist and singer, his tracks are organic, uplifting and stand on their own as a distinct genre. Listeners of all types of music can find something they can relate to in his sound. He has toured extensively across North America, including tours with Bassnectar, Shpongle, Emancipator, Beats Antique, and has headlined dozens festivals across the U.S. and internationally.


Grouch encompasses the audible tales of New Zealand born producer Oscar Allison. Born and raised in the breathtaking vistas of Aotearoa/New Zealand, this incredible backdrop enthused and ignited a passion for dub and ethnic percussion which would later form the basis for his electronic journeys.

Experimenting with electronic music since the late 90’s, he tested the waters of Dub, Hip Hop and Drum and Bass before discovering a talent for more Dance orientated productions. Grouch’s more recent years led him to spend 5 years non stop touring around the globe.

Some of his career highlights include performing to crowds around the world at festivals such as Burning man, Universo Paralello, Boom festival, Ozora, Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore and countless other shows all across the globe.

This endless expanse of life experiences are all dropped into the melting pot of inspiration. Grouch now experiments with various genres and structures, all of them encompassing an original and unmistakable essence. His creations have seen an amazing reaction from people all around the world, leading him to be one of the most in demand producers on the alternative electronic music scene today.

Deya Dova

Deya Dova fuses the earthy human-ness and sensual power of her voice with the cutting edge futurism of Global Bass music. Hailing from the expansive Nullarbor desert in Australia she is one of the few female electronic producers and a ground breaking vocalist recording live at energy sites across the planet.

Together with co producer Hamilton Barnett, mixing the divine frequencies of Deya Dova's voice, ancient songlines and world instrumentation with cinematic sonic tapestries, future bass, and totemic beats.

Deya Dova invokes mythic ancient earth and cosmos, bringing euphoric tribalism to the dance floor.


Govinda is the alter-ego of Austin based producer/composer Shane Madden. He began studying violin and composition at the age of eight and went on to study classical violin at the University of Texas where he fell in love with electronic music production. It was in Madden’s pursuit of his gypsy roots that he opened his ears to music from around the world. From experiences learning violin with mysterious masters on his journeys across the globe and his passion for modern design and technology, the current sound of Govinda was born.

The Govinda show is truly a multi-sensory experience that immerses the audience with a textured exotic atmosphere which features mesmerizing vocals, visual performance artist Jordan Remar, live projections, live gypsy violin for a truly energetic and magical live presence.

Axel Thesleff

Axel Thesleff is an electronic musician and producer based in Helsinki, Finland. His style is very diverse, ranging from bass-heavy bangers to more relaxed and deep tracks, never forgetting about the emotion and story behind each piece of music. His tunes will make subwoofers purr, but also deliver an emotional impact which resonates with your soul.

Axel’s popularity has been paced up by his 2014 release, Bad Karma. Which has been streamed more than 300 million times on Youtube and millions more on Spotify and Soundcloud. Also, his other releases have been noticed by BBC Asian Network, Kiss Fm Romania, Ylex Finland and lots of other radio channels around the world. Several club gigs, festival performances, and interesting collaborations are just a beginning of this skilled, but humble musicians career.

Electric Mantis

Alaskan born 23-year-old born electronic and hip hop composer Electric Mantis broke through with the viral success of his track “Flips and Flops, Drips and Drops” thanks to Reddit and a plug from Djemba Djemba. Today, the San Francisco-based artist is taking the next step in his increasingly heat-seeking career with official remixes for Porter Robinson, Giraffage, and more.


Esseks (Sam Eckstein) is a Brooklyn based producer and visual artist. His music ranges all the bass-centric genres with a focus on the off-kilter. The diverse elements of his music are tied together with Esseks’ subtle but instantly recognizable sound. It is dark but in a playful sense. He has built up a large catalog of music since his first release in 2012 with releases on Wakaan, Saturate, Sleevelss Records, Gravitas Recordings, Foundations Recordings, and Smokers Cough along with a number of self releases.


An*Ten*Nae is one of San Francisco’s most sought after DJs and live performers. He has taken the art of live remixing to new heights with his own customized setup, that bends genres in ways seldom heard. His sound is called Acid Crunk, and there are no rules, no restraints in its quest for a pure sound that is not Homogenized.


A nomadic San Franciscan who started playing music at the age of thirteen, Nominus blends his wide range of musical talents to create a unique and genre-defying sound. He began his musical journey as classically trained guitarist who later went on to study a wide range of percussion. After years of playing in live bands, Nominus felt the desire to expand his sound in new ways which led him to electronic production. With his deep understanding of musical composition, Nominus fuses lush organic melodies with deep, chunky rhythm sections to create a sound that is beautiful, yet moves the dance floor with mind-blowing energy. This along with tasteful sound design and cutting edge bass takes the listener on a journey that weaves light and dark into one harmonious experience…


Hedflux is the psychedelic music project of DJ/producer/sound psyentist Steve Young. Originating from Scotland, and immersed in electronic music for more than two decades, Steve started deejaying in 1992 and learned music production at home while pursuing an academic interest in Physics and Mathematics. Combining the rhythmic elements of breaks and techno with the sonic geometries of psytrance, Hedflux has become synonymous with the styles known as “psybreaks” or “psychedelic tech-funk”, leading the way for a growing group of artists who resonate with the sound, and bringing together people from separate musical scenes. In 2014 he launched his own record label Luminus Music, and is actively working to bring fresh new talent into the fold through his online tutorials, lectures and workshops.


"Originally from Queenstown, New Zealand, the band members consist of Captain K+lab and his Keytar - Caleb Cowie. Their music is a nice mix of heavy bass, funk and beyond. Record labels who they have worked with are Westwood, Lowtemp, Fort Knox Recordings, Delicious Music, Junkfood, Simplify and Adapted. Their vibe is all about bringing the funk.

Detox Unit

From a dimly lit cave in Austin's own underground, Joseph Roberts, aka “Detox Unit”, has been cooking up his own blend of futuristic frequencies for the past 4 years. His aim, to make the imagination run wild; to tickle the brain in impossible ways. Originally hailing from New York, Joseph spent his childhood tinkering with old radios and building computers, fascinated bu the near endless possibilities that they presented. Inspired by artists such as Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Monolake, and Luke Vibert, he picked up a copy of Ableton Live and a myriad of synthesizers and hasn't left his cave since. Now 4 years later Detox Unit has become a familiar and loved name in the Austin experimental music scene known for his intricately woven sets and unique productions.

DJ Drez

DJ Drez’s music has been moving bodies for more than two decades. His sound is an organic blend of mystical hip-hop, reggae roots and Indian raga that has been known to instigate an ecstatic dance party one instant, and soothe a group into a meditative savasana the next.

DJ Drez is a sound pioneer. With an ear for cutting edge sonic ambiance, a finger on the pulse of music that makes bodies move, and the vision and skill to obliterate genre and boundary with his own trademark sound and production, Drez has skyrocketed to international acclaim from the dancehall to the yoga shala.


Like a prismatic audio avalanche ripping down the mountains of Colorado to ears all around the world, kLL sMTH has stayed vigilant in his mission to keep the heart in the bass and the bounce in the booty. Cruising powerfully through gut-wrenching lows to illuminated peaks (and occasionally stopping off in sexy-time), his music paints an inspired portrait of an ecstatic dance-floor. Influences are Tipper, Freddy Todd, Vibesquad, Headtron homies, and many more.


he mad-musical scientist known as saQi is a classically trained composer, producer and trumpet player. Drawing his name from the Sufi title for a mystic muse, saQi creates deep and funky dance floor jams that rock the party yet still maintain a grace and musical sophistication to engage the listener. His sound is unique and eclectic, therefore it often escapes genre classifications and any current bandwagon caravans. Whatever it is, it has a way of making people get up and get down!


from late night renegades in the Santa Cruz mountains to dark, sweaty nightclubs, Pushloop has spend the better part of a decade flexing soundsystems with a commanding presence. Pushloop has carved out his out unique sound blending world music elements with deep, heavy, basslines. March 2016 Pushloop emerged from the studio with his first EP titles Jamila, releasing in the infamous Bay Areas Mallabel. Wether its pushing loops in the studio or pushing loops on the decks, Pushloop will always be pushing the boundaies of bass music

Lazy Syrup Orchestra

Indolent sounds. Thick vibrations. Sweet melodies. Sticky connections. A naturally flavored substance... prepared by such a group. The Lazy Syrup Orchestra consists of Dunks (The Funk Hunters), Thomas Workshop (The Soul Hop Committee) & various members of live bands Love You Miss You and Wooden Horsemen. With a focus on mellow morning vibes, the group blends MCing and live instruments with eclectic dance music from around the world.


griff is one of Australia’s leading purveyors of highly varied and unique bass music. Since 2009, griff has created many LPs, EPs and remixes, released on renowned labels such as Omelette, Addictech, Enig'Matik Records, Slurp Music and Buxton Records.


Originally from Melbourne, Chamberlain loves making tunes and mixing dance, electronic, and deep bassy dub wompy vibes. He has been playing at several festivals and definately delivers when he performs.


Levi Witt, the auditory wizard behind the impressively crisp production, currently resides in Austin where he continues inspiring dancefloors everywhere. Others have certainly noticed, and large festivals such as Oregon Eclipse, Symbiosis, Enchanted Forest and Burning Man have brought DRRTYWULVZ to their stages as he has released several albums, including his most recent creation, “Re-Hatched”.

The pleasantly alluring compositions of DRRTYWULVZ can be closely compared to the glitch and psydub of Tipper or Kalya Scintilla, yet his unique approach to euphoric dub styles is nothing short from extraordinary. Open your mind and prepare to howl at the moon, for the energetic melodies and innovative beat patterns of DRRTYWULVZ will blow you away.


Lapa weaves together musical stories with complexly textured harmonies, expansive melodies, and intricately layered beats. His music blurs borders and transcends boundaries, illuminating the resonance of universal forces and teleporting people to wild, dream-like places of serenity and connection.

Dub COliNG

DubCOliNG thrives to spend every waking moment engulfed in rhythm and sound waves. Developing a passion for tunatables while growing up in the Colordo Rocky Mountains, he spent several years perfecting the arts of scratching and turntablism. He established a deep root in Reggae, Hip Hop, and World Music; as his conquest into bass music opened up, a new world of combining his all time favorite rhythms with Dubstep, Crunk, Psychedelic, Glitch, IDM, Drum & Bass, Midtempo, and Breaks emerged. He then brings the enlightening vibrations from Reggae, Eastern Instruments, and Eastern chant into the soul penetrating world of psycadelic Bass Music. He aims to create spiritual, uplifting music to inspire connection on the dance floor by meshing Reggae and Organic Eastern Electronic music with psychedelic heavy frequencies. Having settled in the Lake Tahoe/Reno area; DubCOliNG strives to contribute to the growth of the Mindful Massive, Bass Heavy, and Future Strange families and works in sound engineering as well. He pursues the ability to bring his love and passion for this dance of life to all our distant relatives through music, vibration, and sound.

Leland River

This Vancouver DJ brings a Full spectrum' of bass music. Hes also a Producer/DJ who has been billed alongside the likes of Ivy Lab, Addison Groove, Scratcha DVA, Congi, Fixate, Sorrow, Ishan Sound and Biome.


From South Lake Tahoe, California, Irieyes brings a combo of Ragga Crunk • Twerkhall • Dancehall • Dub , and thrives off inspiration through bodies moving,dance floor grooving . Ragga heat make the dancehall explode. His music is callled Ragga Bass, and is signed with Mindful Massive Records


VGNX has been putting his decade of musical experience to fine use over the years creating and refining styles yet to be labeled. Chock full of bass, lasers and psychedelia, he's been pushing the boundaries of bass music through a variety of genres, classifiable or not with past monikers. With his current project he's been outside the box trippin' on future sound manipulations to create a deeper journey through the mind with every sonic adventure.

Bunny Wabbit

"Just kick off your shoes and enjoy yourself!"
Experimental Groove, Funk, Tribal, Glitch Hop, Bass House Dj.



Lee Burridge

Lee Burridge is an internationally known house and breakbeat DJ. He is from the UK but lived and worked in Hong Kong and occasionally Thailand during the 1990s. Returning to London, he gained fame and popularity. In 2001, he released the DJ mix Nubreed 005 for the Global Underground Nubreed series. In 2001 he also released the Tyrant 1&2 compilations with Craig Richards on Fabric records, London. In 2003, he released the second mix for the Global Underground series 24:7, and in 2005 he joined with Sander Kleinenberg to release This is Everybody!


Bedouin is a Brooklyn-based production & DJ partnership between nomads Tamer Malki and Rami Abousabe who are creating their own idiosyncratic spell of melodies and rhythms. Together they share an eclectic sonic vision that pulls from diverse influences owing to their Middle Eastern heritage, Western upbringing, and world travels. Their combined musical backgrounds and ever-evolving taste captures the sensibility of imagination and constantly explores the connection between ourselves and the future.

Viken Arman

Growing up with Jazz and classical music, he draws influence from a very versatile music background from Keith Jarrett, Erik Satie, Bill Evans, Jay Dilla, Ricardo Villalobos to the Arabic diva Oum Khalthoum. His knowledge of piano as well as his time at the music conservatory contributed to his wide musical culture.


Sabo’s music is a journey into sound, a sonic landscape that crosses several musical borders with mixtures of tropical poly-rhythms, warm bass frequencies, rich percussion, lush tribal vocals, and smooth organic textures. When listening you will undoubtedly find yourself resonating with his intention, imagining yourself dancing in an Amazon rainforest, on a moonlit Tropical beach, or on a desert plane for a Saharan sunrise.


Over the years, Unders (Duncan Meulema) has been fortunate enough to do a lot of exciting things in the world of dance music. He has been playing all over the world, with recent trips taking him to South Africa, Berlin, Mexico and San Francisco. In the Netherlands he has performed on events such as Time Warp, Awakenings, ADE, and Welcome To The Future and a balanced mix of the snazzy venues the Dutch have to offer. Unders’ productions also resonated internationally; appearing on renowned record labels: BlaBla, Sound Architecture, and Eklektisch with remixes from artists such as Martin Stimming, Nuno Dos Santos and Edu Imbernon.

John Acquaviva

John Acquaviva as a DJ/Producer and Entrepreneur has flourished in the heart of electronic music. He is a pioneer of electronic music’s technological evolution and helped sculpt the genre’s game-changing transition from analogue to digital and from vinyl to turntables and laptops. His personal masterful technique and firm grasp of the trade led to his fruitful involvement with Final Scratch and especially Beatport. A vital founder and active member of both companies – the former tool that allows manipulation and playback of digital audio sources and the latter a major online hub for electronic music – John’s role extends far beyond his taste making capabilities.


During one of Holmar’s parties at a former brothel on the Lower East Side, he met Greg Oreck and shortly thereafter founded “Thugfucker”. After working together for a few years, during one hot summer night in Hólmar’s studio in Williamsburg, they created “Disco Gnome”. This record ended up being the first release on Life and Death Records and launched them into the international scene along with Tale of Us and Dj Tennis. He spent next years touring with Greg and fellow mates at Life and Death causing general mayhem and good times at clubs and festivals all around the globe.
In 2011 he went to Burning Man for the first time, a pivotal moment for him, and now he can be found every year, riding his bike around and playing many marathon sets all week long.
In recent years in addition to his work with “Thugfucker” he has started new collaborations. He co-founded “Lovestruckk” with Nico Stojan, “Theory of Light” with Brian Cid, “The Birds Fly South” with Maxxi Soundsystem and his first release in 2018 will be an E.P with L.A’s Jon Charnis. He is also a part of a new dj collective the infamous “Twister Sizterz”.
In 2018 we will see his departure from “Thugfucker”, launching his solo career.
Recently he also brought his dancing shoes back out of retirement and has staged new impromptu of dance performances of the “Black Widows” on and off stage during his shows, staying true to his choreography roots…

The Human Experience

“The Human Experience” is David Block’s principal project as a live electronic composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer. Listeners experience a delicious symphonic blend of prismatic soundscapes and sultry beats. Since his debut album “Inaudible Sounds” in 2010 , he has released nine other albums and has new projects planned for release in 2018. Each song is a sonic journey; interweaving psychedelic layers of melody and harmony with organic grooves and international vibes.


Pachanga Boys, Hippie Dance, TOPAZdeluxe, M.N. Roy and Mayan Warrior are some of the projects Rebolledo is involved as “Experience Designer” showing his forward thinking vision. Foremost, He believes in music beyond boundaries, collecting material from all corners of the world and showing how you can tell a story with those apparently unconnected records. His sound is propelled forward by psychedelic beats and rippling synthetic basslines that induce trance like states. Whether it’s his solo or collaborative efforts, Rebolledo has always been a maverick presence in underground dance culture.

Martha van straaten

Martha van Straaten is among Germanys most influential tastemakers of this year, lighting up many festivals with her unique and colourful style. With performances at Fusion, Garbicz and Nomade Festival and other venues across Europe and South America, she can look back gratefully on a very successful season. Her ever evolving sound has been long in the making, revealing herself as an exciting element of an emerging musical spirit.

M Rux

M.RUX, known for his stupendously vast and diverse records collection which, depending on his mood, that of his audience, the general circumstances and location (city or desert), he spins one way or another, setting the listener’s expectation in the range as wide as from solid beats to down-tempo misty psychedelic and abstract soundscapes.


An international shapeshifting duo, KMLN (pronounced “Kameleon”) unites Italian producer/multi- instrumentalist Christopher Tooker and Canadian dj/producer Shawna Hofmann. Live instruments, syncopation, organic meets modern, future meets past. May it be a prime time or sunrise set, they adapt and deliver sets that blow your mind and bring your dance skills to the next level. As interplanetary travelers and cultural explorers, the KMLN ship bends time through sound, blending elements of deep tribal house and minimal techno, moving through tempos with layers and layers of mind altering colors.

Klik and Frik



"With two decades of experience and almost 800 appearances to his name, his one-of-a-kind mixes blend the soundtrack of exotic travels with cutting-edge productions, nasty and listless deep bass, deep rhythms and an undercurrent of live percussion. Selecting music inspired by the vibrant voices and vibes of The Americas, The Caribbean, The Middle East, Africa, India, and Europe, Dragonfly’s delivery celebrates dancers – and dancefloors – worldwide. Past festival appearances include. Lightning In A Bottle, Symbiosis Gathering, Global Eclipse, Enchanted Forest Festival, Lucidity Festival,Wanderlust Festival, Beloved Festival, Northern Nights, Stilldream Festival, Eclipse Festival (Australia), Great Convergence (Egypt), Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Shambala Festival (Canada), Manifest, Peace Village, Burning Man, Raindance, Earthdance, Harmony Festival, Awaken,OMIES Fest, How Weird Street Faire, Mystic Garden Gathering, Mystic Island Festival, Foreverland, Juniper Jam, and many more."

Alejandro Franco

Periodista musical mexicano, DJ, productor, conductor de radio y fundador de la agencia creadora y productora de contenidos “Grupo Sentido” a la que pertenece también el medio de música y estilo de vida WARP MAGAZINE Es bien conocido en América Latina por el programa de TV, “SesioneS con Alejandro Franco” También es fundador del Guadalupe Valley Fest Wine, Music & Food Festival en Ensenada, Baja California.

Brian Hartman

A leader in the West Coast underground music scene, Brian Hartman is a successful DJ & event producer. Hartman has steadily refined his craft with a mélange of stylistic approaches to moving the dancefloor. The Nevada City, CA resident is among the most versatile DJs in festival culture, his genre-spanning sets dot the globe and travel through time and space. Hartman is a master of connecting progressive musical ideas to unveil an emotional journey; his warm, organic rhythms are transmitted through a myriad of tempos and a bevy of creativity. Hartman distills traditional tones and rhythms, blending treasured songs and melodies, the soundtracks to cultures dating back hundreds of years.

Invisible People


Driss Skali

Driss found his passion; Electronic music. His love for music was so intense that he journeyed to Montreal to broaden his horizons and allow him to live for his passion. Once in Montreal, he got a job at Terminal Records. Being surrounded by established djs, like Preach, Yaz & Miko only fueled his passion further. Over the past decade, Driss has learned to blend minimal house, tech house, and electro to his own blend of house music. Perfecting his skills allowed him the opportunity to play some of Montreal’s hottest clubs: Buona Notte, Living Room, stereo Bar, Tribe HyperClub, and UpperClub. He also held a successful residency at the worldwide famous, Aria After Hours. After having established a solid reputation as a masterful dj, Driss has shared the decks with international Stars like, Steve Lawler, Tiesto, Danny Tenaglia, Mylo, Nick Warren among many others. He also played major events like Sundance Music Festival and the Playa Gathering Tour. Currently, Driss is enjoying enormous success as a Circus After Hours resident headlining monthly and playing alongside world-renowned djs on occasion.




As Costa Rica's electronic music scene just began to blossom, a new duo named Faceblind hit the scene and were at the forefront of the movement bringing their own funky techno and tech house beats to the dance floor while firing up Costa Rican crowds.

Melissa O


Javier Portilla

Combining a powerful blend of lightness and darkness into a seamless flow, Javier transmits his distinctive and deep sound through his personal productions and diverse DJ sets. His story began in Costa Rica, where his artistic nature was born and fueled by the beautiful surroundings and culture. At the age of 20 he moved to Madrid, then London, where he solidified his distinctive style and began to build his burgeoning musical career. After returning to San José, Costa Rica to start a residency at renowned Club Vertigo, Javier followed by finding a new home base in Barcelona, while he began traveling the world as a true nomad DJ.


Mose spends much of his time in Guatemala where cacao ceremonies, kirtan, and ecstatic dance have had a major influence on his productions and DJ style. It is here on Lake Atitlan that he founded the weekly SunSet Cacao Dances where members of the community have the opportunity to journey deep into dance in a container of deep intention free of alcohol. Having been nomadic since 2011, he has developed a sound all his own through interaction with cultures from around the world. He finds a way to fuse the organic elements of tribal traditions with modern production techniques in order to create an entrancing journey for both relaxed listeners and those eager to move their bodies.


Oneiro is a derivation of the word Oneirataxia, meaning the inability to differentiate between dreams and reality.


AKA The Funk Hunters were born when Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith met while attending film school in western Canada, and has been both a studio project and live juggernaut ever since. In a sea of carbon-copy producers, The Funk Hunters have cultivated their signature sound by creating forward-thinking electronic music that is influenced by old school soul, funk and hip-hop. Their vision has resonated with both listeners and industry tastemakers alike, with their music amassing over 10 million track streams from their original productions, remixes and collaborations.

Fernando Melo

Chilean native living in Costa Rica. Thrives in the Electronic scene and has been traveling and playing at multiple festivals.


From San Jose, Costa Rica. The sound is inspired by Glitch / Funk / Downtempo / Tribal Electronic Music Producer.


Bosque, raised in Costa Rica, started his music career in 2016. With a large local influence and inspiration, he first played Envision in 2018 at the age of 21. Bosque brings a unique blend of Genres, specializing in Funk & Bass.




He is a Costa Rican Born DJ whos sound thrives off Tech House Deep House Prog House Techno

Rachel Brathen


Yoga Girl


Jai Dev Singh


DJ Drez


Sianna Sherman


Amber Ryan


Rafe Kelley


Sofiah Thom


Ashleigh Sergeant


Erin Kelly & Steph Gongora


Jocelyn Gordon


Elana Meta


Niraj Naik


Kenny Graham


Juan Pablo Barahona


Edgar Ortiz


Andrew Sealy




Amber Sears


Arielle Shipe


Masood Ali Khan


Regan Hillyer


Jess Robertson


Orpheus B


Tish Steenkamp


Emelie Wilson


Alexa Webster


Layla El Kardin


Joshua Param Sevak




Kontinental Yak


Gaea Lady


Darin Lehman


Lauri Glenn


DJ Hawk


Darren Austin Hall




Gio Israel + DJ Set w/Hadas Kleinman


Celine Cousteau


Dr. Julie Von


Sarah Wu


Cristina Kalyani


Fadrique Soma


Lydia Violet


Derrick Broze


Vera Franco




Ceibo & Ashi Sound Garden


Maria Fernanda Larraguivel


Arielle Hayat


Nikki Pava

Optimism Is The Best Medicine

What would our world look like if we focused on the positive stories about how the environment and business are connected – instead of just the negative stories?

We are constantly bombarded with heartbreaking examples of how human error is affecting the environment: utility companies starting fires, corporate greed damaging the earth and politicians disregarding indigenous rights. These stories appear in the media each day.

However, there are so many smart, motivated people in conscious companies who are in action and striving to create a better world for all of us. Nikki will give us a dose of optimism by sharing what some of our favorite companies (Dr. Bronner’s, Nutiva, Mountain Rose Herbs and more) are doing to create a convergence between business and the environment. She will also offer tips that everyone can use in their daily life to connect with optimism without “spiritually bypassing” the reality going on in the world around them.

Fungi Academy


Selva Bhairavi


Chiara Ara Munay


Melissa Louise




David Grillot


Orpheus B


Ryan McKenna


Chelsea Latham


Nati Fernandez


Jamie Satori


Bess Leader


Paola Monter-León




Melina Chacón Morera


Flora Domenis


Kylie Judge


Kylie Judge


Kimberly Rose


Irene Alpizar


Zane Heather


Ana Javier


Heather Chan


Jennifer Morrison





We take sound sound seriously. The dance floor is our temple. With each stage a sculptural masterpiece and Funktion-One sound system sending chills through your body, we spend the entire year masterfully crafting an all-night jungle beach celebration you'll never forget. Some sounds blast you away, while others will hug you closely. It’s crisp and holographic. Come prepared for a deep journey designed to invigorate all your senses.


Breathe, flow, and explore your freedom through physical expression. Our bodies are the vessels in this world that serve as the foundation from which we can discover our highest potential. Explore stages, spaces, and yoga shalas designed so you can completely let go and be wild in the natural environment of Envision. Release; The jungle is here to spot you.


Living is an art form. At Envision we curate a 360 degree immersive art environment that blends the edges of the canvas with the world around it.


Come as you are, leave as you want to be. We know our paths emerge from different directions, and we respect the stories and experiences that make us who we are now. No matter where we come from, or how our paths intertwine, we’re all about progressive inclusion.


To care for others we must first take care of ourselves. Experience and explore mindful practices for food, activity, medicine, and more that will nourish a lifetime of joyous behaviors and self-care rituals.


You are apart of something bigger. Discover the community you always knew existed - brought together by all of our similarities, and transformed by all of our differences.


We think long term. The 12 principles of permaculture are echoed throughout every undertaking at Envision. Before each decision is made, and before each shovel is dug into the Earth, we are dedicated to considering the future impact of our actions.


Strengthen your source connection. Envision supports you with a space where you can explore a deeper understanding of our common oneness with nature and each other.