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2020 LineUp

2020 Headliners


Frikstailers is the moniker of Argentinean producers Rafael Caivano and Lisandro Sona. Probably one of the most influential bands of the initial ZZK Records roster, they define their sound as tropical – electronic – extraterrestrial.

Santos & Zurdo

Santos & Zurdo is an electronic fusion project based in Costa Rica. Santos Gassiebayle(Argentina), Fernán Castro (Zurdo), and Luigi Jimenez (CR) make up this trio combining the Indian sounds of the Sitar with funk mixed in with different electronic beat with the influence of house, drum&bass, hip-hop, glitch-hop, and other electronic genres.


The new wave of hip-hop has arisen a woke generation and, from it, Xiuhtezcatl (‘shoo-TEHZ- caht’)— 18-year-old Indigenous rapper and activist—has emerged stirring the comatose with his music.

At the age of 7, Xiuhtezcatl began songwriting and performing as a means to reflect his world and activate his generation. His rousing story and performances captivated a global audience, garnered millions of views on YouTube, and were featured on major publications, including: Rolling Stone, Billboard, Vice, and NBC. Recently, Xiuhtezcatl appeared before the UN General Assembly, collaborated on stage and in the studio with Jaden Smith and Bassnectar, and appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Additionally, he wrote the best-selling book, We Rise, and is featured in Shepard Fairey’s new iconic series, “We the Future”.

Gone Gone Beyond

Songwriters Danny Musengo and Paul Weinfield (Fairytales for the Fatherless) team up with David Block from "The Human Experience" alongside many others .... so far including violinist Cody Geil, drummer Walker Adams, keyboard Asamu, bassist Matt Geraghty, flute Ze Luis, +++ many others. Originating from New York.

Feurza Dread

The group was born on April 24, 2007, under an ideology of making original music in the roots reggae genre of Latin roots.


Mentados es un grupo Costarricense que fusiona distintos géneros musicales como el soul, hip-hop, drum and bass y funk con su tradicional sonido Ska-Reggae lo cual garantiza un sonido mas fresco y cautivante. La integración de sus 10 músicos y el acople generado por la experiencia por mas de 18 años, logran reactivar un movimiento generacional evolucionando a lo que es hoy ""Entre lo Elemental"", su mas reciente grabación.

Killer Diller

Costa Rican acid reggae band was founded in 2015. Their first EP Morning High came out in 2016 and let the opportunity for their first Envision performance in 2017. Prior to the release of new singles included in their reggae show called ""Groove is the truth"", the band second performance in Envision for this 2019 edition comes as great chance for the band to establish themselves as one of the most important reggae performances in Costa Rica local scene.


Govinda is the alter-ego of Austin based producer/composer Shane Madden. He began studying violin and composition at the age of eight and went on to study classical violin at the University of Texas where he fell in love with electronic music production. It was in Madden’s pursuit of his gypsy roots that he opened his ears to music from around the world. From experiences learning violin with mysterious masters on his journeys across the globe and his passion for modern design and technology, the current sound of Govinda was born.

The Govinda show is truly a multi-sensory experience that immerses the audience with a textured exotic atmosphere which features mesmerizing vocals, visual performance artist Jordan Remar, live projections, live gypsy violin for a truly energetic and magical live presence.

Axel Thesleff

Axel Thesleff is an electronic musician and producer based in Helsinki, Finland. His style is very diverse, ranging from bass-heavy bangers to more relaxed and deep tracks, never forgetting about the emotion and story behind each piece of music. His tunes will make subwoofers purr, but also deliver an emotional impact which resonates with your soul.

Axel’s popularity has been paced up by his 2014 release, Bad Karma. Which has been streamed more than 300 million times on Youtube and millions more on Spotify and Soundcloud. Also, his other releases have been noticed by BBC Asian Network, Kiss Fm Romania, Ylex Finland and lots of other radio channels around the world. Several club gigs, festival performances, and interesting collaborations are just a beginning of this skilled, but humble musicians career.

Electric Mantis

Alaskan born 23-year-old born electronic and hip hop composer Electric Mantis broke through with the viral success of his track “Flips and Flops, Drips and Drops” thanks to Reddit and a plug from Djemba Djemba. Today, the San Francisco-based artist is taking the next step in his increasingly heat-seeking career with official remixes for Porter Robinson, Giraffage, and more.


Esseks (Sam Eckstein) is a Brooklyn based producer and visual artist. His music ranges all the bass-centric genres with a focus on the off-kilter. The diverse elements of his music are tied together with Esseks’ subtle but instantly recognizable sound. It is dark but in a playful sense. He has built up a large catalog of music since his first release in 2012 with releases on Wakaan, Saturate, Sleevelss Records, Gravitas Recordings, Foundations Recordings, and Smokers Cough along with a number of self releases.


An*Ten*Nae is one of San Francisco’s most sought after DJs and live performers. He has taken the art of live remixing to new heights with his own customized setup, that bends genres in ways seldom heard. His sound is called Acid Crunk, and there are no rules, no restraints in its quest for a pure sound that is not Homogenized.


A nomadic San Franciscan who started playing music at the age of thirteen, Nominus blends his wide range of musical talents to create a unique and genre-defying sound. He began his musical journey as classically trained guitarist who later went on to study a wide range of percussion. After years of playing in live bands, Nominus felt the desire to expand his sound in new ways which led him to electronic production. With his deep understanding of musical composition, Nominus fuses lush organic melodies with deep, chunky rhythm sections to create a sound that is beautiful, yet moves the dance floor with mind-blowing energy. This along with tasteful sound design and cutting edge bass takes the listener on a journey that weaves light and dark into one harmonious experience…


Hedflux is the psychedelic music project of DJ/producer/sound psyentist Steve Young. Originating from Scotland, and immersed in electronic music for more than two decades, Steve started deejaying in 1992 and learned music production at home while pursuing an academic interest in Physics and Mathematics. Combining the rhythmic elements of breaks and techno with the sonic geometries of psytrance, Hedflux has become synonymous with the styles known as “psybreaks” or “psychedelic tech-funk”, leading the way for a growing group of artists who resonate with the sound, and bringing together people from separate musical scenes. In 2014 he launched his own record label Luminus Music, and is actively working to bring fresh new talent into the fold through his online tutorials, lectures and workshops.


"Originally from Queenstown, New Zealand, the band members consist of Captain K+lab and his Keytar - Caleb Cowie. Their music is a nice mix of heavy bass, funk and beyond. Record labels who they have worked with are Westwood, Lowtemp, Fort Knox Recordings, Delicious Music, Junkfood, Simplify and Adapted. Their vibe is all about bringing the funk.

Detox Unit

From a dimly lit cave in Austin's own underground, Joseph Roberts, aka “Detox Unit”, has been cooking up his own blend of futuristic frequencies for the past 4 years. His aim, to make the imagination run wild; to tickle the brain in impossible ways. Originally hailing from New York, Joseph spent his childhood tinkering with old radios and building computers, fascinated bu the near endless possibilities that they presented. Inspired by artists such as Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Monolake, and Luke Vibert, he picked up a copy of Ableton Live and a myriad of synthesizers and hasn't left his cave since. Now 4 years later Detox Unit has become a familiar and loved name in the Austin experimental music scene known for his intricately woven sets and unique productions.

DJ Drez

DJ Drez’s music has been moving bodies for more than two decades. His sound is an organic blend of mystical hip-hop, reggae roots and Indian raga that has been known to instigate an ecstatic dance party one instant, and soothe a group into a meditative savasana the next.

DJ Drez is a sound pioneer. With an ear for cutting edge sonic ambiance, a finger on the pulse of music that makes bodies move, and the vision and skill to obliterate genre and boundary with his own trademark sound and production, Drez has skyrocketed to international acclaim from the dancehall to the yoga shala.


Like a prismatic audio avalanche ripping down the mountains of Colorado to ears all around the world, kLL sMTH has stayed vigilant in his mission to keep the heart in the bass and the bounce in the booty. Cruising powerfully through gut-wrenching lows to illuminated peaks (and occasionally stopping off in sexy-time), his music paints an inspired portrait of an ecstatic dance-floor. Influences are Tipper, Freddy Todd, Vibesquad, Headtron homies, and many more.


The mad-musical scientist known as saQi is a classically trained composer, producer and trumpet player. Drawing his name from the Sufi title for a mystic muse, saQi creates deep and funky dance floor jams that rock the party yet still maintain a grace and musical sophistication to engage the listener. His sound is unique and eclectic, therefore it often escapes genre classifications and any current bandwagon caravans. Whatever it is, it has a way of making people get up and get down!


From late night renegades in the Santa Cruz mountains to dark, sweaty nightclubs, Pushloop has spend the better part of a decade flexing soundsystems with a commanding presence. Pushloop has carved out his out unique sound blending world music elements with deep, heavy, basslines. March 2016 Pushloop emerged from the studio with his first EP titles Jamila, releasing in the infamous Bay Areas Mallabel. Wether its pushing loops in the studio or pushing loops on the decks, Pushloop will always be pushing the boundaies of bass music

Lazy Syrup Orchestra

Indolent sounds. Thick vibrations. Sweet melodies. Sticky connections. A naturally flavored substance... prepared by such a group. The Lazy Syrup Orchestra consists of Dunks (The Funk Hunters), Thomas Workshop (The Soul Hop Committee) & various members of live bands Love You Miss You and Wooden Horsemen. With a focus on mellow morning vibes, the group blends MCing and live instruments with eclectic dance music from around the world.


Griff is one of Australia’s leading purveyors of highly varied and unique bass music. Since 2009, griff has created many LPs, EPs and remixes, released on renowned labels such as Omelette, Addictech, Enig'Matik Records, Slurp Music and Buxton Records.


Originally from Melbourne, Chamberlain loves making tunes and mixing dance, electronic, and deep bassy dub wompy vibes. He has been playing at several festivals and definately delivers when he performs.


Levi Witt, the auditory wizard behind the impressively crisp production, currently resides in Austin where he continues inspiring dancefloors everywhere. Others have certainly noticed, and large festivals such as Oregon Eclipse, Symbiosis, Enchanted Forest and Burning Man have brought DRRTYWULVZ to their stages as he has released several albums, including his most recent creation, “Re-Hatched”.

The pleasantly alluring compositions of DRRTYWULVZ can be closely compared to the glitch and psydub of Tipper or Kalya Scintilla, yet his unique approach to euphoric dub styles is nothing short from extraordinary. Open your mind and prepare to howl at the moon, for the energetic melodies and innovative beat patterns of DRRTYWULVZ will blow you away.


Lapa weaves together musical stories with complexly textured harmonies, expansive melodies, and intricately layered beats. His music blurs borders and transcends boundaries, illuminating the resonance of universal forces and teleporting people to wild, dream-like places of serenity and connection.

Dub COliNG

DubCOliNG thrives to spend every waking moment engulfed in rhythm and sound waves. Developing a passion for tunatables while growing up in the Colordo Rocky Mountains, he spent several years perfecting the arts of scratching and turntablism. He established a deep root in Reggae, Hip Hop, and World Music; as his conquest into bass music opened up, a new world of combining his all time favorite rhythms with Dubstep, Crunk, Psychedelic, Glitch, IDM, Drum & Bass, Midtempo, and Breaks emerged. He then brings the enlightening vibrations from Reggae, Eastern Instruments, and Eastern chant into the soul penetrating world of psycadelic Bass Music. He aims to create spiritual, uplifting music to inspire connection on the dance floor by meshing Reggae and Organic Eastern Electronic music with psychedelic heavy frequencies. Having settled in the Lake Tahoe/Reno area; DubCOliNG strives to contribute to the growth of the Mindful Massive, Bass Heavy, and Future Strange families and works in sound engineering as well. He pursues the ability to bring his love and passion for this dance of life to all our distant relatives through music, vibration, and sound.

Leland River

This Vancouver DJ brings a Full spectrum' of bass music. Hes also a Producer/DJ who has been billed alongside the likes of Ivy Lab, Addison Groove, Scratcha DVA, Congi, Fixate, Sorrow, Ishan Sound and Biome.


From South Lake Tahoe, California, Irieyes brings a combo of Ragga Crunk • Twerkhall • Dancehall • Dub , and thrives off inspiration through bodies moving,dance floor grooving . Ragga heat make the dancehall explode. His music is callled Ragga Bass, and is signed with Mindful Massive Records


VGNX has been putting his decade of musical experience to fine use over the years creating and refining styles yet to be labeled. Chock full of bass, lasers and psychedelia, he's been pushing the boundaries of bass music through a variety of genres, classifiable or not with past monikers. With his current project he's been outside the box trippin' on future sound manipulations to create a deeper journey through the mind with every sonic adventure.

Bunny Wabbit

"Just kick off your shoes and enjoy yourself!"
Experimental Groove, Funk, Tribal, Glitch Hop, Bass House DJ.


Resident Bush, Co-Founder of Envision Festival, has been living and dancing in the jungles of Costa Rica for over 9 years, studying organic gardening and medicinal plants for over 16 years. Josh’s dedication to the environment has lead him to choose a unique lifestyle, that is in alignment with his vision of a healthy and sustainable Earth. As a devout vegan, surfer, traveler, DJ, organic farmer and visionary, Josh’s infectious zest for life will leave you renewed and connected with what is important to you while also blissfully dancing beneath the jungle canopy.

Niraj Naik

Niraj is a qualified pharmacist from the UK turned a holistic wellness expert. After healing himself from a chronic illness using yoga, pranayama and ayurvedic practices, he felt motivated to share his knowledge with suffering patients and started blog where he now shares with thousands of people about natural ways to get healthy, get off medications, overcome auto-immune and digestive issues. Niraj has now put his wisdom and knowledge into a brand new community based movement and school called, with his Awakening certification programs giving people the ability to use ancient healing and transformative protocols with a modern scientific understanding to help people to clear negative patterns, heal past traumas and reach the peak human experience. Niraj is a Hay House and Mindvalley author, works closely with some of the world leading wellness experts, such as Swami Ambikananda (Traditional Yoga Association) and Marisa Peer voted Britain’s Best Therapist, and is the host of Wim Hof aka the Ice Man events worldwide.

Kenny Graham

Drawing on his 23 years of yoga study and experience, Kenny Graham teaches yoga in a way that is accessible, intelligent and inspiring. His classes are taught as “form and flow” which blends breath work, meditation, movement and music. He honors the fact that each body is unique, and that yoga is a personal journey of self discovery and ever awakening awareness.His teaching helps to free limiting mental patterns, lighten the heart and increase body awareness. Kenny teaches with a focus on equanimity of movement to counter modern-day imbalances, which helps restore the body to its natural fluidity and balance. Through the functional applications of posture, breath and meditation, he helps students to discover and appreciate their own unique journey. He has a BA in Psychology and has always been keenly interested in cultivating a deeper awareness of the mind-body connection. He is a strong proponent of meditation and has witnessed first-hand its power to transform one’s own life. Meditation was his first introduction to yoga and later he supplemented this with physical practice to support his life style. Kenny continues to study and learn from yoga teachers in many traditions and practitioners of various modalities including Yin Yoga, meditation, chiropractic, body work, anatomy, philosophy, Pilates, physical fitness, martial arts, acupuncture and nutrition. Registered with Yoga Alliance at the highest level (E- RYT®500) he teaches in Santa Cruz CA and leads teacher trainings, workshops, retreats and festivals in the Bay Area and worldwide.

Juan Pablo Barahona

Juan Pablo Barahona (JuanPa) is a transformational leader, speaker, visionary, holistic yoga teacher, quantum flow master, healer and coach. As a trained professional in many arts; JuanPa uses his diverse background to create a unique path of empowerment blending Shamanism, Quantum Physics, Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Qi Gong, Kinesiology, Tantric and Toltech Philosophy, Reiki, Sound Healing, Energy Mattrix, and various Healing Arts; to lead his audience and students through an extraordinary healing introspective journey. JuanPa has been for over 20 years on an entrepreneurial path of empowering humanity to connect with their inner guidance in many different ways, encouraging them to step into deeper layers of leadership and global impact. His passion for life, success and evolution is felt in every word and teaching he shares to awaken others into their Divine Purpose and remind them of their Infinite Potential.

Edgar Ortiz

Edgar Ortiz has been teaching for more than 20 years, after been living in India for a year he came back to Costa Rica and develop Yoga Mandir, School of Yoga and Thai Massage, where he certified yoga teachers and in thai massage healing practices. His work its a blend of music, storytelling and a precise alignment, with deep internal intention, to create a atmosphere of fun, will power, and surrender.

Andrew Sealy

Andrew Sealy is an embodied heart leader, a yoga artist, and a connection catalyst. He is known for his transformational teachings of self love that remind students of their true power for transformation and embodied purposeful living. Andrew’s creative approach to teaching Yoga as a healing art has earned him the role of guiding celebrity clients, spotlight at conscious music festivals, and the opportunity to lead transformative luxury retreats worldwide. He is known globally as a mindful life enthusiast and a wellness activist. Andrew embodies prolific knowledge while positively influencing and empowering his students. Andrew Sealy’s teachings aim to answer the question: How can we adapt to create and evolve to sustain? Follow him on Instagram and Facebook or visit his site to witness his work first hand.


Born and raised in New Zealand, Whakapaingia has traveled all over the world and has resided in California to Wisconsin and even some places in between. With his spirit, humor and crazy knowledge, it’s no surprise that he was destined to create Koha Yoga, where he focuses on healing and inspiring all to play through acro, acropeutics, yoga and paddle-boarding. And, to come full circle, “Koha” is the Maori word for gift.

Amber Sears

Amber Sears is an international pilates and yoga teacher, former professional dancer, and founder of Her mission it to empower you to dramatically upgrade your personal and professional life with mind-body fitness, peak performance nutrition, lifestyle design, and conscious business. Amber specializes in creating deeply healing and transformative workshops, retreats and teacher training programs around the globe. She moved her life and business to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica five years ago and is elated to be teaching for the 5th time at Envision Festival.

Arielle Shipe

Arielle Shipe is an E-500RYT yoga and meditation teacher from Colorado. She is an avid adventurer and lover of the outdoors. When she is not in the studio its a good bet she is getting lost somewhere in the mountains. Arielle began yoga in 2008 as a means of recovery and injury prevention in her competitive snowboard career. After a back injury in 2012 she decided to move passed her career as a snowboarder and pursue learning the skills needed to effectively share her love of yoga with those around her. Little did she know that the more she learned the deeper the well of yoga would become. Arielle has and continues to study with her teachers/mentors Rod Stryker, Meg McCracken, Ashleigh Sergeant, and Evan Soroka. Her motto: Work Hard, Play Hard. Rest hard. Yoga is a multifaceted gem that is there to meet you wherever you need it most. In her classes you can expect to sweat, to smile, relax, and to start to uncover that there’s way more to yoga than downward facing dog. Connect with the Adventures of Arielle on instagram @arielleshipe and live a life you LOVE!

Masood Ali Khan

Masood Ali Khan PhD has a unique kirtan and voice; offering a heat opening mesmerizing combination of the enchanting 'Hand Pan' with sacred mantras and the intention to support the human creative potential to reconnect with love & nature. He has 3 music albums and has played on many artists album projects and supported numerous yoga teachers and festivals around the world. His music has been featured on documentaries and International Art Installations. He played percussion with House and Techno DJ's since the late 90 in Amsterdam, Ibiza, Miami NYC, Thailand. Has been on the DJ club tour through Turkey for MTV Europe with his first collaboration band of two called Global Love. He has taught and toured in Europe and as far as China, Japan. Collaborating with well-known musicians the yoga and world music scene he also can be heard on the albums of DJ Drez, Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda, Sheela Bringi, Earth Rise Sound System, Steve Gold, Opera Singer Sasha Lazard, Terra Gold, Ashley Wynn and Monica Page Subia. Masood has studied, practiced and taught energy medicine and meditation for over 25 years and incorporates these techniques into his music and retreats. Masood also teaches and performs with his beloved Yoga master Sianna Sherman. He is also an actor, with a major life as a top international fashion model. He also is certified teacher in Heather Lyle's Vocal Yoga Method and Dr Eric Goodman's Foundation Training and currently in a 2 year shadow work mentoring program with Robert August Masters training with men's groups Climate Reality Leader trained by Al Gore.

Regan Hillyer

Regan Hillyer is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and mindset coach. She believes strongly in every person’s ability to unlock true greatness within themselves. As the founder of Regan Hillyer International, she helps people reach their true potential in business and in life. An internationally recognized thought leader in personal development, Regan has already shared her message of the abundant possibilities in life with thousands of successful men and women all over the world. Her passion for success is matched only by her passion for life itself.

Jess Robertson

Jess co founded Modo yoga. Modo is 75 sustainably-built hot yoga communities. From New York to LA, Paris to Sydney, and all across the great white north (Canada) Modo has been facilitating communities bent on creating a healthier planet. Jess's classes and music focuses on taking ourselves less seriously, activism, having fun, and connecting deeply. No experience needed. All visions welcome!

Orpheus B

A Healer and inspirational guide, Orpheus B began his journey 22 years ago with the art of Tai Chi where he excelled to become a world champion 2008 in China. Orpheus brings healing and awareness with tools from East to west. He has been trained in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Energy Healing, Internal Exercises and Mind Practices, including Shamanism and soul journiz. Studied with many great teachers around the world, he developed his own unique style into "mastery in the Arts of Living". Orpheus reaches deep into your cellular level, be it in a group setting that goes on a spiritual journey or individually, to release traumas and energetic blocks, creating a re-programming of body & mind.

Tish Steenkamp

Originally from South Africa, she now calls Costa Rica her home. Tish is a torch bearer, hand holder, and light leader for women and men RE-awakening to the power of their own bodies. She leads genuine, energetic, and inspirational yoga practices, and reminds her students that personal growth is not only powerful and self elevating, but also has the potential to be fun and joyfully integrated into everyday living. To Tish, yoga is about trusting the connection to our true selves and knowing that we are our greatest teacher. She is committed to supporting her students in reaching individual awakening and deep internal bliss remembering of our Divine Truth.

Emelie Wilson

Growing up as a dancer in Golden Meadow, a small town in southern Louisiana alive with cajun culture, Emelie Rose has always had a passion for movement. As her curiosity grew, she started to explore multiple movement modalities, eventually arriving at the practice of yoga. It wasn’t long before she became clear of the path unfolding beneath her; she wanted to share and teach what was enriching her quality of life. After completing her first 200 hr training with the Asheville Yoga school, she knew she had only scratched the surface. She later traveled to Dominical, Costa Rica to train with Ashleigh Sergeant and Sofia Thom where she found community and a new home in the jungle. Whilst immersed in the yogic lifestyle she felt magnetized towards metaphysical practices. This led her to San Marcos, Lake Atitlan in Guatemala where she completed the Moon Course, at Las Pirámides del Ka. It was then that she began to weave the inner and outer landscapes of yoga as an elemental and esoteric experience. She spent the next 3 years traveling to and from Costa Rica both teaching and training. She completed 2 separate 100 hr modules on Yoga therapy with the Alaya School of Yoga led and created by Ashleigh Sergeant and Meg McCracken. Emelie Rose is now an alignment and therapy based yoga teacher, training as an apprentice with the Alaya school, working towards her 1000 hr E-YRT. Her mission is to spark a deeper conversation between beings and their bodies while creating a safe container for practitioners to dive deep into the self, further discovering the true nature of what it feels like to be alive.

Alexa Webster


Layla El Kardin

Layla El Khadri, is a Life Coach, Thought Leader, Dance Therapist and Artist. She seeks to elevate the human perspective, inspiring & guiding inner work and being a Catalyst for Human Potential. The combination between her Mindset Seminars and her Transformational Dance creates a powerful holistic methodology to anchor real-lasting transformation and radical embodiment of one´s potential. Layla´s work is focused on helping us reclaim our radiance and become conscious creators of our reality.

Joshua Param Sevak

Joshua ~ DJ Swahé ~ has taught & played around the globe for the last 13 years as a Yoga Teacher Trainer, Ecstatic Dance DJ, Cacao Ceremonialist, and Kirtan Leader. He is the founder of the off-grid Golden Temple and Daya Dance Temple on Lago Atitlan, Guatemala.


Mose spends much of his time in Guatemala where cacao ceremonies, kirtan, and ecstatic dance have had a major influence on his productions and DJ style. It is here on Lake Atitlan that he founded the weekly SunSet Cacao Dances where members of the community have the opportunity to journey deep into dance in a container of deep intention free of alcohol. Having been nomadic since 2011, he has developed a sound all his own through interaction with cultures from around the world. He finds a way to fuse the organic elements of tribal traditions with modern production techniques in order to create an entrancing journey for both relaxed listeners and those eager to move their bodies.

Kontinental Yak

World citizen’s focused on music and its energetic vibrations. Performing great variety of musical instruments from different cultures in their diverse forms and origins. Experimenting together always in search of an Ethnic-Tribal fusion of the different cultures of the planet. Looking to create a new rhythm; World Harmonization Experiment. Integrating both physical and spiritual to their practice. Believing that through art, creativity and musical vibrations people can channel powerful energy to transform life and live to their fullest potential. That people should open themselves to creativity and to new experiences. Feel the music, the instruments vibrating, the body moving and the change and liberation it creates. Finding connection with the world and each other. Evolving together.

Gaea Lady

Gaea lady is an enchantress by nature, a force that will make you feel the very earth move. Fusing her 25 years of dance training in forms from classical to modern - neo-vintage to the ethereal, Gaea cultivates an intentional style that is all her own. Integrating dance, art, visuals, costuming, concept, fire, silk fabrics, temple dance, hoops, and deeply seated intention, her inspiring performances mesmerize and deeply touch. She seeks to share knowledge and empower others through her performances and teaching, forging connections and community. Gaea was the winner of the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s “Best Debut” and “Most Classic” in 2016 and performed at the “Icons & Allstars” show in 2017. She graces festival stages such as Show Me (St. Louis), Envision (Costa Rica), Electric Forest (Michigan), Symbiosis (California), Oregon Eclipse (Oregon), Burningman (Nevada), and Bhakti Fest (California). In her home base of Chicago, Gaea performs at Unbridled at Untitled, the Kiss Kiss Cabaret, the Naughty Little Cabaret, the Vertical Sideshow, the Drifter, Soho House, with Pyrotechniq Fire Troupe. She also is a vegetarian chef, traveling to teach and nourish for movement and wellness retreats.

Darin Lehman

Darin Lehman of Sacred Paths Yoga is a dedicated yogi, musician, qigong practitioner, artist, writer, surfer and lover of nature. He has made spiritual seeking his life’s work and he strives to bring purpose, intention and joy into each moment. Darin weaves many paths to cultivate a broad understanding and accessible approach for the modern practitioner. He honors ancient teachings while going beyond rigidity in form to bring expansion and personal growth into this practice. Darin walks the path of the spiritual realm merging the physical practices of Yoga and Qigong, with each individuals personal connection to higher Spirit. Lacey Lehman of Sacred Paths Yoga is inspired to share the healing power of yoga with the global community and is continuously seeking to learn, explore, and live the path of yoga as teacher and humble student. Lacey views this sacred practice as a path to self-discovery and self love and as a divine tool to deepen our connection with Spirit. She infuses her offerings with many modalities including Thai Massage, Reiki, Sound Healing, Earth Medicine and Shamanic Ceremony. Her intention is to leave students feeling empowered, centered, focused and inspired to continue the yoga practice off the mat with an emphasis on the principles of mindfulness, awareness, patience and a deep reverence for Pachamama. Join Lacey and Darin Lehman for an intimate yoga journey flowing with the Earth Elements and supported by live music and sacred sounds. The style of yoga we share at Sacred Paths Yoga is a mindful vinyasa flow based practice that allows one to cultivate connection and embark upon an insightful journey within. We will flow through the Earth Elements connecting with the four directions and associated archetypes of the medicine wheel and use this ancient wisdom as our guide, releasing what no longer serves us in order to make room for what we want to manifest in our lives. We will acknowledge and honor the Earth's Medicine as we step on the path to self-realization and manifestation. This practice become a sacred prayer to our body, to access the stillness of the mind and to connect with spirit. The experience is deeply intentional as we honor ancient wisdom and invite our soul to look inward and find peace with what is present. You will leave this journey feeling spiritually purified, connected and expansive!

Lauri Glenn

Mountain girl at heart, Lauri is an outdoor enthusiast, passionate yogi, enthusiastic student of life, and a grateful Dog Mom. A dedicated student of Yoga, Energy Healing & Bodywork, she offers a holistic approach to Being Well in this world. Her teaching is clear, mindful, alignment and breath focused, imbued with life-affirming philosophy. When she's not traveling, you can find her playing at her home in Tahoe, dog Milo in tow, with a big grateful smile on her face. Lauri's motto: "You are the creator of your Life. Create something extraordinary." Lauri bows deeply to her teachers; Meg McCraken, Ashleigh Sergeant, Rod Stryker, & Jack Kornfield. Lauri Glenn is a Yoga Alliance Registered instructor at the 500 Hour Level and a presenter for Wanderlust Yoga Festival. She is a Certified Yoga Nidra Instructor, Certified Massage Therapist of 18 years & Reiki Master. She owns Bodhi Therapeutics where she offers Reiki, Massage, Meditation & Yoga Therapy/Coaching. Lauri offers workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in North America.

DJ Hawk

Chris Hawk takes inspiration from a wide variety of musical genres, playing with everything from deep-afro house and old school/retro to world melodies and yogic/medicine music. His ability to connect with and read the crowd absorbs dancers and listeners with an unmatched emotional intensity, leaving them with an open heart that yearns for more.

Darren Austin Hall

Darren Austin Hall is a master sound healer, ceremonial musician and spiritual teacher. He tours internationally, sharing his sacred music and his spiritual teachings in a diversity of workshops and courses. Darren trained and learned with various indigenous wisdom keepers and is devoted to the reclamation of the European indigenous identity. He was a featured performer at TEDx Toronto and is the creator of the 75HR Source Resonance Training in sound healing, sacred music & vibrational philosophy. Darren is the founder of Conscious Masculinity Toronto and has facilitated Men's Circles for years. His Heroic Consciousness Program teaches male empowerment through working with archetypal theory. His new album, 'Songs of Source', featuring channeled songs and crystal singing bowls is out now.

Gio Israel + DJ Set w/Hadas Kleinman

Gio is a cultural entrepreneur, a meditation facilitator, and a renowned DJ. Specializing in creating spaces and events that raise human consciousness, Gio is the former VP of Midburn, Burning Man regional event in the middle east and the fastest growing burners community in the world, The founder of the DiningRoom artistic community in Israel, and recently The Co-Creator of Anima, an urban participatory based event happening in NYC. Gio is now building Frequency, a company that intertwines spirituality and technology where he travels the world finding the hidden wisdom teachers of our times.

Celine Cousteau

As a documentary film director, producer, and presenter, Céline is the founder and executive director of CauseCentric Productions, creating cause focused multi-media content. Extending her family legacy and her expertise, Céline co-founded The Céline Cousteau Film Fellowship, a nonprofit program whose mission is to empower young aspiring filmmakers, creatives, and activists to inspire change through filmmaking. Céline was invited as a Guest Designer for Swarovski and collaborated with London based eco-fashion designer Deborah Milner on a jewelry collection. she has previously served as a Member of the World Economic Forum Council on Oceans. Currently, Céline sits on the advisory boards of The Himalayan Consensus and Marine Construction Technologies and serves as ambassador for The TreadRight Foundation. With a degree in psychology and masters in Intercultural Relations, and fluent in three languages, Céline is currently filming several docu-series, while her main focus is on her independent film and impact campaign “Tribes on the Edge” based in the Brazilian Amazon.

Dr. Julie Von

Dr. Julie Von is a Manhattan-based holistic doctor and writer specializing in fertility. At a young age, Dr. Von began apprenticing with healers, shaman, and doctors around the world. She became one of the youngest people in the US to study Chinese medicine and continued her education in China obtaining an esteemed doctoral degree. Her clinical work in New York City has spanned over a decade and has aligned her with some of the most advanced and well-known names in the field of fertility medicine and women's health. Dr. Von merges her medical education with her initiation into earth-based and intuitive-based practices. The energetic and intuitive work she shares is grounded in real clinical and medical experience. Dr. Von's forthcoming book Spiritual Fertility, published by Hay House, will be released in 2019 alongside the beautifully illustrated 48 card deck called, The Oracle.

Sarah Wu

Envision Festival co-founder, curator of Educational Experience and Village Witch, Sarah Wu is a practicing herbalist of 18 years, working the last ten in Costa Rica. With a foundation in Permaculture, she integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine with Wise Women Western Herbalism, working with a diverse planetary apothecary. Passionate about empowering people to practice herbalism, Sarah created the Envision Herbal Clinic as a replicable integrated acute care model for students to learn while connecting to their creativity and global community. Sarah will be teaching various classes throughout the festival weekend!

Cristina Kalyani

Cristina Kalyani began studying yoga at age of 11; At age 18, she started teaching in many alternative communities in Brazil, then enrolled as a full time student at UNI Yoga School. - 500 hours of advanced course study in classic Hatha yoga, Patanjali yoga sutras, Ayurvedic and Yogic lifestyle in Yoga Vidya Dham school from India - Initiated into Karma Sanyasa from Swami Satsangananda Saraswati of Bihar school of Yoga. - Level two course on Hypnotherapy with Dolores Cannon, and Brien Weiss PHD psychiatrist and hypnotherapist author of best seller ""Many lives many masters"". -completed three of seven module on transpersonal phycology and holotropic breath work -leading retreats in many festivals as for ENCA (encounter of national communities), Envision Festival, Decompression Festival, Cosmic Convergence and Boom festival -offering online yoga and meditation courses at -One and half year pilgrimage by horse presenting Asana Choreography and fire dancing -eleven years working at one of the first surf and yoga camps specialized in woman surf education. Kalyani is woven yoga, tanta, meditation, breath work and hypnotherapy on a program call it “Going Deeper” helping people recognize to find a balance between body, mind, psyche, emotions and spirit and interact with their higher self to gain enlightenment and full understanding of our divine nature . She has traveled more then 28 countries and have lead retreats around the globe.

Fadrique Soma

"Fadrique has been exploring the field of spirituality and inner work since he was 16 years old. His path has been a diverse one. From Rastafarian priest, to a homeless pilgrim. Fadrique has specialized himself in the field of Non violent communication, transpersonal psychology, conscious relationships and conscious masculinity.

Lydia Violet

Lydia Violet is an Iranian-American multi-instrumentalist weaving Southern blues, American roots, and Iranian folk music traditions. In her live band she combines fiddle, banjo, and luscious 3-part harmonies to offer a soul-folk revival experience ushering in a new wave of protest music. Her weaving of West African percussion, clawhammer banjo, and gospel-inspired vocal parts take her audiences deep into the cave of roots music wonders. ♬ ♬ Lydia has also studied closely with deep ecology elder and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy for the past 9 years, learning how we can metabolize our pain and despair for the world into energy for resilience, action, and community. She runs The Music As Medicine Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating access to music and music education as tools for cultivating resilient cultures in our communities. Learn more at

Derrick Broze

Derrick Broze is a journalist, activist, author, and public speaker from Houston, Texas. He is the founder of the Conscious Resistance Network and co-author of The Conscious Resistance trilogy. His journalism focuses on exposing governmental and corporate corruption, surveillance, and indigenous struggles. His books and talks focus on the promotion of the philosophy of Agorism, Counter-Economics, and what he calls Holistic Anarchism. He envisions a world where every life is recognized as sovereign and free, and all relationships are voluntary and consensual.

Vera Franco

Vera is an artist, an educator, a sorceress. An abundance midwife. She takes special delight and joy in delivering authentic adult initiatory processes to empower people towards a new more regenerative culture and relationship with themselves and others, and with our planet. Although travelling a fair bit, she’s been based in the Findhorn Community in Scotland for the last 8 years, developing skills in social permaculture, regenerative design, holistic education, and Possibility Management. She brings her Bright Principles of Love, Clarity, Aliveness, Presence and Initiation to all her work, which involves providing transformational journeys for groups and individuals through trainings, talks, workshops, and Possibility Coaching sessions.


Regenerative Resource Management

John Judge, Partnership Coordinator/Co-Founder - While in Canada, John splits time working as an urban firefighter in Calgary and practising broad scale permaculture on an acreage in British Columbia. While in Costa Rica, John is involved with Blacksheeps' regenerative farming projects through partnership coordination and agroforestry design implementation. John is passionate about motivating and inspiring individuals to group together for a shared purpose.

James Barford, Business Development/Co-Founder - James has a passion for combining exponential technology with projects that have a positive impact. His current mission is combining blockchain and exponential tech with regenerative agriculture to assist in shifting the planet to a carbon drawdown economy.

Clare Politano, Technical Advisor - Clare is a software engineer and eco-social entrepreneur weaving tech and ecology to create a regenerative future. Her mission is engaging blockchain and machine learning to scale regenerative agriculture to global food production and achieve planetary regeneration. Clare builds and advises blockchain-based platforms promoting regenerative land management. She is also the founder of pay transparency and pay equity platform PayCheck.

Ceibo & Ashi Sound Garden

Ceibo & his partner Ashi live in Nosara, Costa Rica where they teach sound meditation and yoga classes as well as perform sound journey's for yoga retreats, private sound healing sessions and plant ceremonies. Ceibo's style has a mystical element that invokes deep physical, emotional and mental cleansing utilizing instruments from all over the world using crystal quartz as a primary frequency supported by instruments from India, Africa and Peru. Ceibo has constructed a traveling sound temple built from driftwood he collected at a nearby river mouth on the Pacific Ocean. Ashi brings her soothing voice and creates vibrational concoctions with the instruments supported with essential oils and healing touch. Ceibo and Ashi create intentions for healing and raising consciousness for all who join their garden of sounds.

Maria Fernanda Larraguivel


Arielle Hayat

Arielle Hayat is a clinical herbalist with three years of intensive training from Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism in New York City. She apprentices at the 25 year old medicinal herb shop Flower Power Herbs and Roots focusing on the Six Steps of Healing of the Wise Woman Tradition. There she is able to empower and guide numerous people in her community to a healthier lifestyle that focuses on wellness from the inside out. Arielle has a private consult practice, and teaches weekly workshops at wellness haven, The Alchemist's Kitchen in NYC. Her education in natural plant medicine weaves the methodologies of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Native American folk, European herbalism, and The Wise Woman tradition (the oldest tradition of healing on our planet) to nourish the mind, body and soul of her clientele. Arielle's specialty lies in protocols for helping the body adapt to stress, healing mental wounds caused by the affects of tension and anxiety. She also sees clients with issues related to gut/ digestion, viral infections, adrenals, hormones and more. Through their work together, Arielle's clients rediscover their inner peace, and experience profound emotional and physical transformation.

Nikki Pava

Optimism Is The Best Medicine

What would our world look like if we focused on the positive stories about how the environment and business are connected – instead of just the negative stories?

We are constantly bombarded with heartbreaking examples of how human error is affecting the environment: utility companies starting fires, corporate greed damaging the earth and politicians disregarding indigenous rights. These stories appear in the media each day.

However, there are so many smart, motivated people in conscious companies who are in action and striving to create a better world for all of us. Nikki will give us a dose of optimism by sharing what some of our favorite companies (Dr. Bronner’s, Nutiva, Mountain Rose Herbs and more) are doing to create a convergence between business and the environment. She will also offer tips that everyone can use in their daily life to connect with optimism without “spiritually bypassing” the reality going on in the world around them.

Fungi Academy

We believe Fungi and Mushrooms play a fundamental role in healing ourselves, the global community and our planet Earth as a whole. For us, Fungi is an “elder species” that is helping humanity to become more mature, responsible and conscious. That’s why we created Fungi Academy, an alliance between humans and fungi, that inspires us to live in balance with each other and our environment. Fungi Academy is mushroom cultivation school, a creative and educational co-living space, nestled in the hills above the mystical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Selva Bhairavi

Selva Bhairavi is an Italian Visionary Weaver who works in Environmental Fiber Art and Ethical Fashion.In 2010 she move to Guatemala and start to revive ancient craft techniques, like backstrap weaving, basketing, spinning fibers, learning about botanical dyes and local medicinal plants to create medicinal tapestries under her Art project Selva Bhairavi. The same year she founded Conscious Convergence an Ethical and sustainable clothing line produced with Indigenous textiles applying her fibers and dyes research, to preserve the ancient technique and support the local Mayan community. She's co-producer of Cosmic Convergence Festival.

Chiara Ara Munay

Chiara Ara Munay began the path of Sacred Medicine 12 years ago. She has been lead to study ancestral, indigenous cultures and their connection to the plant and spirit worlds. The combination of her spiritual practices and rich knowledge of ancient medicines creates a unique ceremonial space that evokes love, sacred sound, respect for all beings, integrity, sensitivity, and safety for all participants. Chiara's mission and devotion to the Divine is to evoke people's innate abilities to empower themselves through the embodiment of their own Inner Healer with the spiritual sovereignty to live connected to the Earth as One. Gérard El Allaf combines technical know-how from his studies of civil engineer and business skills from his studies at Solvay Business School. He has won several business awards in Europe and been elected Entrepreneur of the Year in Belgium. Gérard is also active in the non-profit domain and has a non-profit association in Costa Rica, Elevar Conciencia, focusing on nature preservation, re-connection with nature and raising consciousness on the planet. Gerard and Chiara are working together and building a community in Ojochal, Costa Rica.

Melissa Louise

Sex is a place you go to. Not an act that you do. Melissa Louise believes that it is everyone's birthright to be well informed and well educated in their sexual and sensual sovereignty. Bold and down to earth, Melissa weaves an enchanting and gutsy space delivering sexual and menstrual information for both women & men that has been described as the needle mover and game changer in many peoples lives. Melissa believes everyone should be having better sex with both themselves and others. You can not have true reverence for life if you do not have true reverence for sex. (Havelock Ellis) Knowing that your sexual energy is your true life force creative energy and harnessing this super power for yourself is true self empowerment. We have all been born with the most perfect life giving, energy building, creative force and health renewing system of all time. Your Orgasm.


Ethnobotanist Jonathon Miller Weisberger has spent the past twenty-eight years studying rainforest plant medicine traditions. Since 1996 he has organized biannual “Rainforest Medicine Councils,” experiential workshops journeys, for “Personal, community and Planetary Renewal,” that have offered participants an intimate opportunity to meet and learn from cultural adepts, the mighty rainforest and the omnipotent plant teachers! His book “Rainforest Medicine – Preserving Indigenous Science and Biodiversity in the Upper Amazon” was published in 2013 ( He is the steward at Ocean Forest Ecolodge Retreat (formerly known as Guaria de Osa) on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, where he lives most of the year since the year 2000. (

David Grillot

Dave is the founder of Karma Tribe, a global community of people willing to help each other for free.

Orpheus B

A Healer and inspirational guide, Orpheus B began his journey 22 years ago with the art of Tai Chi where he excelled to become a world champion 2008 in China. Orpheus brings healing and awareness with tools from East to west. He has been trained in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Energy Healing, Internal Exercises and Mind Practices, including Shamanism and soul journiz. Studied with many great teachers around the world, he developed his own unique style into "mastery in the Arts of Living" Orpheus reaches deep into your cellular level, be it in a group setting that goes on a spiritual journey or individually, to release traumas and energetic blocks, creating a re-programming of body & mind.

Ryan McKenna

Ryan is a health and wellness wizard who embodies ancient knowledge and wisdom, combined with modernised teaching and techniques to create alchemic medicine to nourish the mind, body and soul.

Chelsea Latham

Chelsea Latham is a Soul Realignment Practitioner, Transformational Life Coach and Yoga Instructor. She offers Akashic Record Readings for the Soul with the intention of empowering clients with information on their Soul’s Divine Blueprint and how they can live a life that is aligned to their higher path and purpose. Chelsea has combined this work with her training as a Health Coach to create her own coaching program designed for spiritual individuals that have the desire to live and thrive in this human experience. Chelsea’s greatest joy & education comes from her travels- experiencing different cultures, people and places serves to continuously nurture her spiritual, personal and professional wisdom and growth.

Nati Fernandez

Nati Fernández es caminante de los grandes misterios femeninos, es hija y amiga Moon Mother Avanzada, Guía Maiku, Activadora de Carpas Rojas, Danzante de Luna y terapeuta holística. Empieza a participar en diferentes Círculos de Mujeres, ceremonias y rituales de medicina. En 2014 toma su primera formación como Moon Mother usando la técnica de Bendición y Sanación de Utero certificada por Miranda Gray creadora del libro Luna Roja, en 2016 viaja a Colombia para tomar una formación mas intensiva y certificarse como mentora y guía de mujeres en su ciclo menstrual en nivel Moon Mother Avanzado. En 2013 empieza sus estudios en Medicina Natural para Enfermedades Comunes con FUNIBER y mas adelante se especializa en Terapia Floral. En el 2015 lleva su formación y entrenamiento como Activadora de Carpas Rojas impartido por su fundadora De Anna Làm. Y en el 2016 lleva una formación para convertirse en Guia Maiku trabajando ginecología energética mediante el método de radiestesia. Nati además es una amante de la cocina y alimentación sana y le gusta usar su magia e intuición creando y explorando culinariamente. Actualmente Nati guía Círculos de Mujeres, ofrece talleres y brinda sesiones individuales principalmente en el Caribe Sur de Costa Rica pero también buscando moverse y brindar y compartir estos servicios con mujeres en todo el país, para seguir creando y tejiendo redes de sanación y hermandad femenina.

Jamie Satori

Jamie is a sacred circle facilitator, reiki healer and doula in Costa Rica. As a doula, her passions include reintroducing ritual to the vulnerable moments surrounding motherhood. Standing by the philosophy that "peace on Earth begins with birth", she provides a safe container for new and expecting parents to process their divine transformation and give birth to new versions of themselves.

Bess Leader

Over the past 9 years, Bess has shared her gifts as a yogi and Ayurvedic nutritionist, frequently combining the two. As a home-body at heart, with a soul that years to travel, she leads international workshops and retreats that dive deep into mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda. Through her love of nature, introspection, meditation, and her own experiences she invokes valuable mindfulness techniques to use on your journey. Her calm and compassionate demeanor will make you feel right at home as she cultivates a sense of peace, empowerment, and acceptance of what is.

Paola Monter-León

Paola Monter-León (México). Imparte talleres y charlas informativas sobre menstruación consciente, uso de la copa menstrual, sexualidad sagrada, círculos de mujeres y sesiones de sanación y bendición de útero; promueve la creación de espacios que fomentan el bienestar femenino y los vínculos entre mujeres en un ambiente de respeto y sororidad, como la Carpa Roja ""El Rumbo de las Mujeres"", en Ciudad de México. Paola Monter-León ha desarrollado su camino de búsqueda y autoconocimiento a través de prácticas ancestrales como la Danza de la Luna, el temazcal y la herbolaria, así como con la sanación de útero, el huevo Yoni, el Tao y cursos enfocados al despertar del Sagrado Femenino.Actualmente es Activadora de Carpas Rojas certificada por DeAnna L’am, fundadora de Carpa Roja ""El Rumbo de las Mujeres"" certificada por Red Tents in Every Neighborhood®, Moon Mother ® certificada por Miranda Gray y Embajadora de Angel Cup ® México.


Mujer Medicina, al servicio de ceremonias nativas de la amazonia. Terapeuta en Sexualidad Holistica e Instructora de Yoga

Melina Chacón Morera

Woman, Witch and Artist, Melina has been working with women since 2010. She found herself walking through paths of Ancestral Traditions and Medicine, studying the old ways of healing in the hands of women and men in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia. She uses her body, life and history to understand the communication with her soul, and then, accompany others in their own process of healing and transformation.

Flora Domenis

Flora Domenisis a Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Therapist specialized in Lifestyle, Nutrition & Vedic Psychology with over 28 years of experience infused by Earth traditions from around the globe.

Kylie Judge


Kylie Judge

Kylie and Leah are Clarity Breathwork Practitioners with backgrounds in dance, yoga, and reiki. They have both experienced transformative healing from chronic illness through the practices that they now share in their workshops. Kylie and Leah weave together movement, stillness, heart-centered communication and breathwork into an intimate offering that invites participants to let go and receive. In this supportive space, they empower participants to cultivate deeper awareness, compassion, and self-love that expands far beyond the self and nourishes a deep sense of connection to all that is. - Connect with Kylie: - Connect with Leah: or www.facebook/leahbarsher

Kimberly Rose

My name is Kimberly Rose, I was born and raised in Chicago Illinois and currently reside in South Florida, and I am a single mother of one beautiful daughter. I have been studying Permaculture since 2015 at Punta Mona, Center of Regenerative Design and Botanical Studies. When I returned I become a Master Gardener with the state of Florida and in 2016 I studied Integrated Health Coaching at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. In 2017, I received my 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training certificate. Recently I completed my Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate with focus on Climate Change with Oregon State University in June 2018. I have made many changes in my life since my immersion into permaculture, using the basic principles and ethics to create and happier, healthier me. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience and aim to create a ripple effect that can touch others and inspire them to rewrite their stories as well. I look forward to continuing my education with motivation to share all I know with all of you. Love life LIVE ALIVE!

Irene Alpizar

Irene is intuitive, passionate lover of all energetic connections with nature. Moving to the Pacific coast got her more into her medicinal plant’s studies, in direct contact with nature, where she began exploring her wild side. This change moved her into a personal transformation, inspired her to start a monthly movement focused on rediscovering the sacred feminine, empowering women to live a life based on self-love and self-awareness, respecting Mother’s Nature rhythms and their owns.

Zane Heather

Zane Heather and Stephen Martinelli are Community Economic Volunteers who have been working at the grass roots level in rural Costa Rico for two years. They work hand in hand with the Costa Rican people, as well as local government, and non governmental institutions, empowering local actors to impact their communities and their families in a sustainable manner.

Ana Javier

Ana Javier is passionate about the human capacity to connect and create. In her experience in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, she has collaborated with incubators, foundations, companies and the public sector. Through Prototype, her consulting company, enjoys facilitating spaces of co-creation, where through empathy value is generated iteratively and incrementally. You can talk to her about: Lean / Startup, Scrum, Design Thinking, Culture of innovation and magical mantras for entrepreneurship.

Heather Chan

Heather Chan of Mystic Ink Tattoos holds hand poke tattoo ceremonies, creating space for the invocation and manifestation of intentions through the ancient and sacred art of tattoo. Her journey has taken her to places and realms steeped in wisdom and magic, where ritual and ceremony live and breathe in the spaces between the sacred and the mundane. She works with plant and spirit allies to weave together the power of art, ritual and transformative healing to create an experience for those who are have magic and prayer sewn into their surrender to their heart's path... to honour their step into their power.

Jennifer Morrison

Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease which is auto immune hyperthyroidism. Typically Doctors remove the thyroid for this dis-ease. I have kept my thyroid intact despite western doctors warning me I would have to let them destroy/remove my thyroid. I had to relearn to trust my inner knowledge and intuition while changing my entire worldview, an awakening my life had to go through in order to survive and thrive! I realize humanity also is going through a similar collective awakening. Entonces, I have been helping to heal many around me, one at a time, poco a poco, beginning with myself, my relationships, my community. Now through speaking at Envision I seek to expand my message and expand it out into our collective consciousness in an ever greater fractaling spiral. I am a native Long Island, New Yorker. In the Summers I work as a Ocean Lifeguard, in the Winter either as a traveling nomad and/or snowboard instructor. I am an independent consultant for a whole food juicing supplement company called Juice Plus and a distributer for their aeroponic Tower Garden which empowers people to produce their own food even in the dead of winter in the city. I also practice herbalism, food as medicine, surfing, yoga, writing, sound healing and music. I have worked extensively in the past as a sound engineer.

Poster Archive



We take sound sound seriously. The dance floor is our temple. With each stage a sculptural masterpiece and Funktion-One sound system sending chills through your body, we spend the entire year masterfully crafting an all-night jungle beach celebration you'll never forget. Some sounds blast you away, while others will hug you closely. It’s crisp and holographic. Come prepared for a deep journey designed to invigorate all your senses.


Breathe, flow, and explore your freedom through physical expression. Our bodies are the vessels in this world that serve as the foundation from which we can discover our highest potential. Explore stages, spaces, and yoga shalas designed so you can completely let go and be wild in the natural environment of Envision. Release; The jungle is here to spot you.


Living is an art form. At Envision we curate a 360 degree immersive art environment that blends the edges of the canvas with the world around it.


Come as you are, leave as you want to be. We know our paths emerge from different directions, and we respect the stories and experiences that make us who we are now. No matter where we come from, or how our paths intertwine, we’re all about progressive inclusion.


To care for others we must first take care of ourselves. Experience and explore mindful practices for food, activity, medicine, and more that will nourish a lifetime of joyous behaviors and self-care rituals.


You are apart of something bigger. Discover the community you always knew existed - brought together by all of our similarities, and transformed by all of our differences.


We think long term. The 12 principles of permaculture are echoed throughout every undertaking at Envision. Before each decision is made, and before each shovel is dug into the Earth, we are dedicated to considering the future impact of our actions.


Strengthen your source connection. Envision supports you with a space where you can explore a deeper understanding of our common oneness with nature and each other.