Yoga GiRl retreat

wild awakening: a community gathering for change


Join us for the experience of a lifetime! We are so excited to invite you to the first ever Yoga Girl® Retreat at Envision Festival. Situated where the Pacific Ocean meets the Costa Rican jungle, come with us as we experience a Wild Awakening - A Community Gathering for Change.



● Daily yoga with Yoga Girl, Rachel Brathen

● Full access to Envision Festival

● 3 meals per day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)

● Lodging and access to Envision festival

● Shuttle transportation included

● Waterfall adventure excursion

● Spiritual ritual (cacao ceremony)

● Sunset meditation & beach hangouts

● A community service project

● Workshop on tools to be of service

● Separate lodging for all days

● Friendships to last a lifetime


From Feb 23 to Feb 27, 2019, we are headed into the woods to find our roots, and experience change, adventure, healing, and friendship that will peel back our layers and uncover who we’ve always been at our core. The jungle of Costa Rica offers the perfect setting to begin a journey of this depth – the same place where Yoga Girl’s own journey began.

There will be daily yoga with Yoga Girl, 3 nutritious meals per day, lodging in a beautiful jungle lodge, waterfall adventures, spiritual rituals, and sunset meditations on the beach. The Yoga Girl Retreat is perfectly timed to end just as Envision Festival begins. Participants will receive lodging and access to the 4-day Envision Festival included in their package. This festival is a celebration of cultures colliding in art, yoga, spirituality and dance to truly allow you to settle into your new sense of self.

Magic is upon us - and it comes in the form of community and change. We hope to see you there.



Rachel Brathen is the influencer and creator behind the phenomenon Yoga Girl® and #yogaeverydamnday.

Originally from Sweden, Rachel is a New York Times best-selling author and international yoga teacher who now lives in Aruba with her husband Dennis and their baby girl, Lea Luna. She is the founder of; the most successful crowd-funded yoga project in the world,; the largest yoga studio in the Caribbean and most recently; the lifestyle, brand, movement and community to heal and change the world through yoga.

Rachel gives back to the community with her three non-profit organizations: Sgt Pepper’s Friends; an animal rescue foundation based in Aruba, 109 World; that runs social mission trips worldwide, and Yoga Girl® Foundation, benefitting women and children in need.

Learn more at


Beach Sunset Meditation

What better way to close the day than to experience a sunset meditation on the beach. Root yourself firmly into the sandy earth, close your eyes, and feel the day’s last moments of sunlight on your skin. While surrounded by like minded souls, you will have an open space to sit in silence or journal to dive deeper inwards and rediscover yourself.

Cacao Ceremony

We invite you to join this sacred ritual historically performed by the Aztecs and Mayans. Native to Central and South America, cacao is a powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation through self-love. This holy ceremony will enhance your meditation practice, awaken your creativity, focus your mind and spark your energy.

Waterfall Excursion

Join us as we hike through the jungles of Costa Rica to one of its most beautiful natural wonders, a waterfall tucked deep in the trees and a reference point for Costa Rican adventure. If you are in search of tranquillity and nature, the falling waters will cleanse your soul and remind you that there are no troubles that cannot be washed away.




**Itinerary is subject to change**

Saturday, February 23

A Wild Awakening

10:00 am - SJO Airport YOGA GIRL Shuttle
3:00 pm - Arrival and Check-in
4:00 pm - Welcome Circle
7:30 pm - Dinner

Sunday, February 24

Into The Woods

7:00 am - Coffee / Tea - Self-Service
7:30 am - Class
9:30 am - Breakfast
11:00 am - 2:00 pm - Waterfall Excursion
Lunch served on the excursion
4:00 pm - Class
5:00 pm - Beach Sunset
7:30 pm - Dinner

Monday, February 25

Tree Of Light

7:00 am - Coffee / Tea - Self-Service
7:30 am - Class
9:30 am - Breakfast
11:00 am - 2:00 pm - Beach Day at Envision Beach
Lunch served at the Envision Burrito & Bowl Booth
6:00 pm - Class
7:30 pm - Dinner

Tuesday, February 26

Leaving The Forest

7:00 am - Coffee / Tea - Self-Service
7:30 am - Class
9:30 am - Breakfast
11:00 am - 2:00 pm - Seva Day
Lunch served on the excursion
5:00 pm - Cacao Ceremony
7:30 pm - Dinner

Wednesday, February 27

The Wild

7:00 am - Coffee / Tea - Self-Service
7:30 am - Class
9:30 am - Breakfast
11:00 am - 2:00 pm - TBD / Free Time
Lunch served on site - Envision Burrito & Bowl Stand
6:00 pm - Class
7:30 pm - Dinner (Final)

Thursday, February 28

Envision Festival Begins!
(Remember, your festival ticket is included with purchase and you get to celebrate with our new family all weekend long!)

You're welcome to remain in your lodging & sleep with our group or go as you wish!

Envision Festival begins Thursday, Feb 28th at 10:00 am.
Envision Festival ends Monday, Mar 4th at 10:00 am.

If you are only here for the Yoga Girl Retreat and not staying for the festival, we ask that you plan to leave by 10:00 am. Thank you for joining us in the jungle! Travel safely home.



Perfectly perched at the junction where the rainforest connects with pristine tropical beach, Rancho la Merced is everything that we could ask for and the true jewel of our invitation to Costa Rica. While just a short, two minute walk to the surf of Playa Hermosa, Rancho la Merced stands as a testament to the glory of Costa Rica’s untamed natural beauty presenting a jungle environment that can only exist here.

More about the venue.



General Admission camping and your festival ticket is included with the Yoga Girl Retreat.
Seeking a more luxurious camping or glamping experience during Envision Festival?
Explore our abundance of additional premium lodging and camping options.



Rock up with everything you need waiting for you. Upon arrival, you’ll find a large stand-up tent pitched in our shaded area. Comes equipped with a mattress, pillows, rugs and chair so all you need to do is focus on enjoying the retreat and the festival.



Your very own private bamboo bungalow. It’s the perfect place to relax in between festivities. It comes with Double Mattress, Pillows & Linens, Lockable Nightstand, Side Table Lamp, Mosquito Net, Fan, Access to Power Outlet, Lockable Door (does not include locks).



Sleep soundly in a bamboo casita shared with another YogaGirl Camp patron. A place to re-energise between the action. Includes Double Mattresses, Pillows & Linens, Lockable Nightstand, Rugs, Mosquito Net, Fan, Access to Power Outlet, Lockable Door (does not include locks)



Sleep soundly in a quirky bamboo suite with a bedroom and private room. A place to re-energise between the action. Includes Double Mattresses, Pillows & Linens, Lockable Nightstand, Rugs, Mosquito Net, Fan, Access to Power Outlet, Lockable Door (does not include locks)


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We take sound sound seriously. The dance floor is our temple. With each stage a sculptural masterpiece and Funktion-One sound system sending chills through your body, we spend the entire year masterfully crafting an all-night jungle beach celebration you'll never forget. Some sounds blast you away, while others will hug you closely. It’s crisp and holographic. Come prepared for a deep journey designed to invigorate all your senses.


Breathe, flow, and explore your freedom through physical expression. Our bodies are the vessels in this world that serve as the foundation from which we can discover our highest potential. Explore stages, spaces, and yoga shalas designed so you can completely let go and be wild in the natural environment of Envision. Release; The jungle is here to spot you.


Living is an art form. At Envision we curate a 360 degree immersive art environment that blends the edges of the canvas with the world around it.


Come as you are, leave as you want to be. We know our paths emerge from different directions, and we respect the stories and experiences that make us who we are now. No matter where we come from, or how our paths intertwine, we’re all about progressive inclusion.


To care for others we must first take care of ourselves. Experience and explore mindful practices for food, activity, medicine, and more that will nourish a lifetime of joyous behaviors and self-care rituals.


You are apart of something bigger. Discover the community you always knew existed - brought together by all of our similarities, and transformed by all of our differences.


We think long term. The 12 principles of permaculture are echoed throughout every undertaking at Envision. Before each decision is made, and before each shovel is dug into the Earth, we are dedicated to considering the future impact of our actions.


Strengthen your source connection. Envision supports you with a space where you can explore a deeper understanding of our common oneness with nature and each other.