Join us for this incredible kickstart to the Envision Festival weekend for this incredible Mini-Boot Camp Retreat. Reboot, re-energize & meet your family before the festival begins with this 3.5 day, local, liquid diet cleanse and activation immersion that includes your festival entrance. Led by Longevity expert David Avocado Wolfe, 20-year spiritual and embodiment leader Juan Pablo Barahona, 25-year permaculturist Stephen Brooks & 10-year abundance thought leader Regan Hillyer, this experience will change your life. 

Escape the Winter! Receive nourishment and warmth from this tropical paradise loaded with local superfoods! Download wisdom and recharge your power before the Envision Festival even begins - and meet your forever family! Retreat includes immersion and festival entrance.

Support regenerative, transformative and positive lifestyle changes with yoga, beach-time, swimming, permaculture, cacao harvesting, chocolate making and much more! Then we go directly from the group yoga retreat into the Envision Festival! Glow from Within! Then Flow with us into The Envision Festival! Both the Mini-boot camp and Envision Festival are included! Magic and re-awakening is upon us - will you join in?  

  • Early Entry General Admission to Envision Festival
  • Daily Classes & Workshops from David, Juan Pa, Regan & Stephen
  • Daily Cleansing Meal Plan curated by David Wolfe & Juan Pablo to energize and detoxify the body
  • San Jose Hotel & Dinner
  • Sustainability Community Tour with Stephen Brooks at Alegria & Ecovilla
  • Permaculture Farm Tour with Stephen Brooks Access Private Showers & Bathrooms  
  • Access to Solo Bueno VIP & Artist Lounge: Exclusive comfortable VIP & artist lounge in between all the stages to relax and retreat during the festival
  • Ground Transportation for duration of retreat
  • Superfoods & Abundance Theme Camp Access During Festival
  • Reserved Camping Spot Included with availability to upgrade  



Introduction to Liquid Superfood Diet with David Wolfe

What better way to close the day than to experience a sunset meditation on the beach. Root yourself firmly into the sandy earth, close your eyes, and feel the day’s last moments of sunlight on your skin. While surrounded by like-minded souls, you will have an open space to sit in silence or journal to dive deeper inwards and rediscover yourself. 

Detox, Cleansing & Longevity Talk with David Wolfe

Learn from superfood expert, David Wolfe, the benefits of Detoxing, Cleansing & the power of foods that will create longevity in your life.

Superfood, Superherbs and the Diet of the Future with David Wolfe

Dive deep into the incredible healing powers of Superfoods & Superherbs with this hands-on conversation into the reasons why you should care. 

Permaculture Principles with Stephen Brooks and David Wolfe

Explore with renowned Permaculturist and Fruits Evangelist, Stephen Brooks, and David Wolfe to go deep into the principles that make Permaculture such a powerful design mind-set to change your life.

Quantum Flow Activation With Juan Pablo

This is a method that uses different kinds of embodiment techniques like breathwork, mindset and sound to enter the highest vibration possible for manifestation! It works on every layer of our being, activating the core, ripping the muscles, focusing the mind, resetting the nervous system, balancing the emotions, detoxifying the internal organs, harmonizing the chakras, clearing the energy channels, expanding the Bio-magnetic field and activating the dormant dna!  

It has been a revolutionary approach that demystifies spirituality, using science as a platform and aligning healing arts, music, dance, self expression, shamanism and mindset to enhance and expand the experience!  

The aim of the practice is to go deeper into our divine purpose and tap into the fastest way to accelerate the manifestation and embodiment of our vision and our dreams!  

It is a blissful journey of alchemy, deep inner work, sweat and celebration, creating the perfect environment and tribe for us to feel safe in our own authenticity, leadership and creativity!  

If you are ready to embody your greatness, tap into your infinite potential and upgrade every area of your life through the highest vibrations, then this is a practice for you!  

Abundance Codes with Regan Hillyer & Juan Pablo Barahona

We do a joint process that activates people’s dormant codes so they can live more abundantly in every area of their life using:

  • New sacred geometry codes to integrate their natural state of abundance
  • Embodiment processes to raise the vibration and record in every cell of their being what they were wanting to manifest
  • Channelled soul imprint activations
  • Specific recodifying Sound Frequencies
  • Manifestation accelerators
  • And many other techniques that full from NLP, hypnosis, breathwork, shamanic activations, energy work, body work and more…

Activating the Frequencies of Abundance with Regan Hillyer

  • Rewiring our limiting beliefs to embody our Greatness
  • Processes to bend time and space
  • Macro healing in Micro timing
  • Manifestation acceleration techniques
  • Coded medicine ceremony to reintegrate your highest self

Restorative Yoga with Juan Pablo & David Avocado Wolfe

Regenerative and restorative yoga to relax and open your body into a state of bliss. 

Sunday, Feb. 24

Welcome to Costa Rica

Arrival at San Jose Hotel

7:30 - 9:00 Orientation & Fruit Fest 

Monday, Feb. 25

Into the Earth

10:00am – Depart for Alegria & Ecovilla Sustainable Community Tours

2:00pm Head to Envision Festival Site & enjoy fruit stands and magic along the way.

6:00pm: Build your Own Smoothie Bar on Site

7:00pm - Evening Lecture [Introduction to Liquid Superfood Diet] with David Wolfe

Tuesday, Feb. 26

Into the Jungle

7:30am - 9am - Quantum Flow Activation With Juan Pablo

9:15 - Build Your Own Smoothie Bar

11:30am - 2:00pm - Beach Walk [Detox, Cleansing & Longevity Talk with David Wolfe]

2:00 - 5:00pm - Break & Build Your Own Smoothie Bar

5:00pm - 6:30pm - Evening Class [Abundance Caodes with Regan Hillyer & Juan Pablo Barahona]

6:30 - 7:30 - Break & Build Your Own Smoothie Bar 

Wednesday, Feb. 27

Into the Deep

7:30am - 9am - Quantum Flow Activation With Juan Pablo

9:15 - Build Your Own Smoothie Bar

11:30am - 2:00pm - Beach Walk & Talk [Superfood, Superherbs and the Diet of the Future with David Wolfe]

2:00 - 5:00pm - Break & Build Your Own Smoothie Bar

5:00pm - 6:30pm - Evening Class [Activating the Frequencies of Abundance with Regan Hillyer & Juan Pablo Barahona]

6:30 - 7:30 - Break & Build Your Own Smoothie Bar

8:00 - 9:30 - Restorative Yoga with Juan Pablo & David Avocado Wolfe 

Thursday, Feb. 28


7:30am - 9am - Quantum Flow Activation With Juan Pablo

9:15 Closing Ceremony!

Envision Festival Begins! (Remember, your ticket is included with purchase and we get to celebrate with our new family all weekend long!)

You're welcome to remain in your lodging & sleep at our Theme Camp or go as you wish! 

Doors open to the festival at 2:00 PM. 

About Juan Pablo Barahona

Juan Pablo Barahona (JuanPa) is a transformational leader, visionary, speaker, holistic yoga teacher, musician, healer and coach.

As the founder and director of Kawoq Conscious Living School, he has created life changing programs that he shares around the globe.

These programs enable participants to realize their deepest potential and step into their inner wisdom and infinite power.

JuanPa has been teaching and igniting the world at major events and festivals including: Awesomeness Fest, Bhakti Fest, Hanuman Festival, Wanderlust, Envision Festival and No Mind Festival, among others.

A trained professional in many arts; he blends Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Chi Kung, Kinesiology, Tantric and Toltech Philosophy, Reiki, Sound Healing, Shamanism and Holistic Therapies;

to lead his audience and students through an extraordinary healing introspective journey.

JuanPa has been leading inspirational talks, workshops, retreats, immersions and teacher trainings around the globe for over 15 years and is an eternal student of love and life.

His classes are always inspiring, creative, empowering and full of holistic tools to reach the “natural joyous state of being”.

JuanPa’s clear energy and his willingness to share his knowledge, along with his use of sound, mantra and drumming; invites you into an experience of healing and evolution like no other. 

About David 🥑 Wolfe

David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe ( is the rock star and Indiana Jones of the superfoods and longevity multiverse. The world’s top CEOs, ambassadors, celebrities, athletes, artists, and the real superheroes of this planet—Moms—all look to David for expert advice in health, energy, peak performance, beauty, herbalism, nutrition, and chocolate!  

David is the celebrity spokesperson for America’s #1 selling kitchen appliance: the NUTRiBULLET™. His Facebook page ( reaches people worldwide each week with succinct powerful inspirational quotes, health information and education. David’s Facebook fanbase is over 13,000,000 strong, making his influence one of the most widely commented, clicked and shared in the world.  

David Wolfe is the President of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (, a nonprofit he founded in 2002, with a mission to plant 18 billion fruit, nut and medicinal trees around the world.  

With over 22 years of dedicated experience and having hosted over 3000 live events, David has led the environmental charge for radiant health via a positive mental attitude, eco-community building, living spring water, and the best-ever quality organic foods and herbs.  

David champions the ideals of spending time in nature, growing one’s own food, and making today the best day ever. He teaches that inspiration is found in love, travel, natural beauty, vibrant health, and peak-performance.  

David is a gourmet chocolatier, organic & biodynamic farmer, beekeeper, and a vanilla grower. He is passionate about the beautifying, health giving and mystical qualities of raw dark organic chocolate. You may find his favorite chocolate at:  

David is the author of many best-selling books, including Eating for Beauty, The Sunfood Diet Success System, Naked Chocolate, Amazing Grace, Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future, Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms and Longevity NOW. He has also appeared in numerous breakthrough documentaries and films including: Food Matters, Hungry for Change, and Discover the Gift.  

David is a highly sought after health and personal success speaker. He has shared the stage with success and business coaches like Anthony Robbins, Richard Branson, Brian Tracy, John DeMartini, John Gray, as well as acclaimed doctors and health researchers including: Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr Dave Woynarowksi and many more.  

David is a lead educator and presenter at the Body-Mind Institute, where he hosts his own course:  


About Regan Hillyer

Regan Hillyer is a Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Mindset Coach and Global Speaker.

She is the founder of Regan Hillyer International, a company dedicated to providing personal development and business training to men and women who have a big message they want to share with the world.

Regan specializes in helping experts uncover their true message and launch powerful personal brands, helping them make a big impact and build a legacy.

Regan has trained thousands of people, helping them build multiple six and seven figure businesses location free, using powerful mindset changing tools and cutting edge business development strategies.

Regan is a certified Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics Specialist and a Success Strategist, amongst completing many other certifications and trainings.

Regan has invested in excess of half a million dollars on her own personal development and business journey and takes pride in continuously learning and growing from key industry leaders. 

About Stephen Brooks

Stephen Brooks is the Founder and Director of the Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living and Education in Costa Rica. Founded in 1997, Punta Mona is considered a world leader in tropical, sustainable agriculture and sustainable living techniques.

In 2006, Stephen envisioned, co-founded and developed La Ecovilla, a 45 lot community and a world model for sustainable living and conscious community, with residents from 25 countries sharing the goal of living an intentional permaculture focused life.

He recently co-founded Algeria Village which purchased 170 acres next door to La Ecovilla where he is developing 100 more lots, a high school and an elder village. With the goal of creating accessible experiences that influence people’s lives, Stephen co-founded and co-produces the annual Envision Festival. Over 7,000 people attended the 2018 event.

Stephen is a specialist in exotic fruit trees and has a background in useful plant collecting and permaculture education.

A self trained ethnobotanist, Stephen’s passion lies in the integral relationship between people and their food plants. He has travelled extensively in the Amazon, through Central and South America and SouthEast Asia in search of plants that can better people’s lives.

He currently does consultations and permaculture installations on many scales with a focus on edible landscaping, from the celebrity home garden of Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, to family farms, community developments such as La Ecovilla and Zeta Verde, resorts and wellness centers such as the Anamaya Yoga Retreat Center and Puerta a la Vida Wellness center, Stephen is quickly becoming the go to in Costa Rica when people want to increase their biodiversity, nurture their soil and design the self sustaining project of their dreams. 

Your festival ticket is included with your retreat purchase, and this is where the magic all happens.

Perfectly perched at the junction where the rainforest connects with pristine tropical beach, Rancho la Merced is everything that we could ask for and the true jewel of our invitation to Costa Rica. While just a short, two minute walk to the surf of Playa Hermosa, Rancho la Merced stands as a testament to the glory of Costa Rica’s untamed natural beauty presenting a jungle environment that can only exist here.

More about the venue

Your Envision Festival Ticket Entrance is included with the Superfoods, Abundance & Activation Mini-Boot Camp. Explore our abundance of premium lodging and camping options below, Bring-Your-Own-Tent included.

Bring Your Own Tent

$1,825/per person

Ready, Set, Camp!

$2,350/per person

Bamboo Bungalow (Shared) 

$2,950/per person

Bamboo Bungalow (Private) 

$3,850/per person