Layway Plans

pay over 3 or 6 months

Want to attend Envision this year but don´t have the full fund up front? No problem! Introducing our brand new Affirm Layaway Plan, an alternative financing option which can be paid in fixed monthly installments over 3 or 6 months. $0 Down for approved loans.

How do Affirm Layaway Plans Works?
1. Head over to Eventbrite, select the ticket you want and click ‘Order Now’
2. At checkout from the down menu, under ‘Payment Method’ instead of ‘Credit Card’ choose Monthly Payments with Affirm
3. Fill out the correct information for you Affirm Applications
4. To accept, click Confirm Loan and you´re done! You first monthly payment is due 30 days from the date that Envision processes your order.

how to desktop

how to desktop

how to mobile

how to mobile Pay with Layaway Now



We take sound sound seriously. The dance floor is our temple. With each stage a sculptural masterpiece and Funktion-One sound system tickling your insides, we spend the entire year masterfully crafting an all night beach jungle celebration you'll never forget. Some sounds blast you away. Ours will hug you closely. It’s crisp and holographic. Come prepared for a deep inward journey designed to break you open.


Breathe, flow, and find unlimited freedom in physical expression. Our bodies are the vessel in this world that serve as the foundation for which we can discover our highest potential. Explore stages and spaces for you to completely let go at Envision.


Living is an art form. At Envision we cultivate a 360 degree immersive art environment that blends the edges of the canvas with the world around it.


We let the environment lead. Every structure is artistically designed with locally sourced natural materials to create a village that mimics the beauty of our natural environment, and demonstrates a way of life defined by minimizing our impact on our planet. Envision is not an EZ-Up festival.


To care for others we must first take care of ourselves. Experience and explore mindful practices for food, activity, medicine, and more that will nourish a lifetime of joyous behaviors and self-care rituals.


You are not alone. Discover the community you always knew existed but were never able to experience. Brought together by all of our similarities , and illuminated by all of our differences.


We think long term. The 12 principles of permaculture are echoed throughout every undertaking at Envision. necessity of restorative stewarding demonstrated on the land we gather and in the lives we lead.


Strengthen your source connection. Envision supports you with an open heart space where you can explore a deeper understanding of our common oneness with nature and each other.