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Envision Festival 2020 App

Envision Festival 2020 App!       With over 125 hours of programing, our brand new app allows you to take advantage of many features that highlight Envision Festival 2020!   –  Build your Envision Schedule ⏱ – View Site Map 🚶‍♂️ – Read Envision Points of Interests 🌟 – Read FAQ 🌴 – Find […]

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Thank You to Envision Festival 2020 Sponsors and Partners

Thank You to Envision Festival 2020 Sponsors and Partners         The Envision Festival Sponsorship team carefully selects sponsors and partners each year that reflect the Envision Festival lifestyle and purpose. We’ve partnered with brands who support staying true to our Ethos of excellence in craft, dedication to sustainable processes and materials as […]

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T-Shirt Design Contest Winner | Margot Castro

Envision Festival Artist Collective Artist of the Year & T-Shirt Design Contest Winner:   Margot Castro (@margot.datura) Margot participated in our Jungle Fairytale T-Shirt Contest and the Envision Festival team was incredibly inspired by her entry! You will be able to see her original artwork printed on the official Envision 2020 merchandise with a completely […]

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Know Before You Go | Envision Festival 2020

Know Before You Go – Important Information Regarding Envision 2020 Hello Envision family! This is a guide with everything you need to know before coming to Envision Festival. We are SO close to our 10-Year Anniversary and finally coming home to our jungle paradise. We can’t wait to see you!   Travel/Transportation   Before leaving for Envision, […]

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Envision 2020 Full Schedules Are Here!

FULL SCHEDULE ANNOUNCEMENT!   Check them out below and start planning your perfect Envision Experience!   The time has finally arrived and the FULL schedules are LIVE!!   Flow between music, workshops, yoga and more during the Full 7-Day Experience. It’s more Envision, all day long. Don’t miss a beat from your favorite DJ’s and […]

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Envision Festival Presents Our 2020 Music Headliners

Envision Festival 2020 Headliners The 10-Year Anniversary Headliners are here! 🎶🌴Who are you most excited to see in the Jungle? #Envision2020 #TheOriginalJungleFestivalRÜFÜS DU SOLDave TipperNahko And Medicine For The PeopleCloZee Posted by Envision Festival on Thursday, August 15, 2019 We are gathering again for Envision 2020 to celebrate, to awaken, to connect, and to inspire. […]

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Photo Excellence Radiates Through Envision 2019
Jess Bernstein Photography Envision 2019

Envision Festival Photos 2019 Our photographers for Envision 2019 captured the overall essence, beauty and depth so vibrantly of our Costa Rica paradise. We are grateful to have such amazing photographers on our media team that unveil the exquisite features that what makes up what Envision is. From capturing different faces of Envision, pioneering workshop […]

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Co-Founding a Sustainable Envision | Envision Festival

Envision Festival was curated from the ideas and innovations of constructing a holistic experience involving Permaculture, healthy and worldly foods, music, and community. The founders of Envision are experts in Permaculture and thrive on creating sustainable thought-provoking communities for knowledge, practice and intuition.   Stephen Brooks, Sarah Wu and Josh Wendell are founders and leaders […]

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Protecters of the Village | Envision 2020

General Site Safety: Water Safety, Medical, Security, Zendo + Sober Camping   While Envision is a safe space for all visitors, the well being of all our guests is of the utmost importance to our staff and safety crews. We want to ensure that guests are well aware of the services that are provided for […]

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Envision Eco Initiatives: Costas Verdes

Envision Festival & Costas Verdes: A Closer Look TOGETHER, THROUGH OUR DONATIONS AND COLLABORATION WITH COSTAS VERDES BEACH &   FOREST RESTORATION, WE’VE REFORESTED OVER 45,000 TREES IN COSTA RICA. JOIN OUR 10K TREE PLANTING CHALLENGE AND HELP REFOREST OUR COUNTRY! Costa Verdes is a non-profit organization that is reforesting Costa Rica’s beaches. Costas Verdes’s […]

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We take sound sound seriously. The dance floor is our temple. With each stage a sculptural masterpiece and Funktion-One sound system sending chills through your body, we spend the entire year masterfully crafting an all-night jungle beach celebration you'll never forget. Some sounds blast you away, while others will hug you closely. It’s crisp and holographic. Come prepared for a deep journey designed to invigorate all your senses.


Breathe, flow, and explore your freedom through physical expression. Our bodies are the vessels in this world that serve as the foundation from which we can discover our highest potential. Explore stages, spaces, and yoga shalas designed so you can completely let go and be wild in the natural environment of Envision. Release; The jungle is here to spot you.


Living is an art form. At Envision we curate a 360 degree immersive art environment that blends the edges of the canvas with the world around it.


Come as you are, leave as you want to be. We know our paths emerge from different directions, and we respect the stories and experiences that make us who we are now. No matter where we come from, or how our paths intertwine, we’re all about progressive inclusion.


To care for others we must first take care of ourselves. Experience and explore mindful practices for food, activity, medicine, and more that will nourish a lifetime of joyous behaviors and self-care rituals.


You are apart of something bigger. Discover the community you always knew existed - brought together by all of our similarities, and transformed by all of our differences.


We think long term. The 12 principles of permaculture are echoed throughout every undertaking at Envision. Before each decision is made, and before each shovel is dug into the Earth, we are dedicated to considering the future impact of our actions.


Strengthen your source connection. Envision supports you with a space where you can explore a deeper understanding of our common oneness with nature and each other.