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Sarah Wu on the Many Sacred Spaces at Envision [INTERVIEW]

Since the beginning, Envision Festival has been carefully curated to be a catalyst for personal development and empowerment. In 2017, there will be more ways than ever for attendees to harness their spirituality and to connect with the sacred. From fire circles to sacred temples, various spaces will cater to a diverse array of experiences. […]

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The Birth of Immersive Theater in Festival Culture

The decisive emergence of festival culture in the last decade has slowly, but surely, redefined the traditional concert experience. We’ve watched as music events have slowly coalesced with art expos, facilitating the broad exposure of visual artists to a much wider audience.  The status quo shifted to become equal parts art and music, inspiring concert-goers […]

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What’s New at Envision 2017

This year at Envision we’re packing more of the interactive fun and hand-picked, exotic music you’ve come to know and love about the festival, but 2017 will also be a year with a lot of new areas and offerings to enjoy. That’s why whether you’re coming back for the seventh time or you’re considering coming […]

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